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new mum on the block

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itHER Thu 25-Jul-02 03:52:14


Erm not quite sure where to put my post. I have read quite a few of the threads but I didnt seem to fit anywhere. So I've started a new thread and hope someone will shout me in the right direction.

I am mum to a 5yr old, and we live in Middlesex area (sort of near west london but not) lol.

ScummyMummy Thu 25-Jul-02 07:18:08

Hi itHER. Welcome to Mumsnet. Basically everyone posts everywhere on this board, so don't worry about not seeming to fit- you will. Just pour forth your thoughts wherever you fancy!

oxocube Thu 25-Jul-02 07:36:57

Morning itHER Welcome to Mumsnet.

PamT Thu 25-Jul-02 07:39:21

Hi itHER, you'll soon be addicted and posting all over the place. I don't think there is an introductory thread, perhaps there should be so that we can find out more about each other. Are you a SAHM (stay at home mum) or do you work fulltime/part time?

I have 2 boys (9 & 6) and a girl (3), I'm a SAHM and hate school holidays, oh and I live in West Yorkshire.

Marina Thu 25-Jul-02 09:42:42

Welcome to Mumsnet itHer! Come on in, the chat is lovely.

oxocube Thu 25-Jul-02 09:50:28

PamT, your posts always make me smile! BTW, enjoy your holiday (if you get there!)

Batters Thu 25-Jul-02 10:27:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PamT Thu 25-Jul-02 10:38:49

oxocube, I'm glad someone is smiling, I'm not at the moment, still waiting to hear about the car.

Mopsy Thu 25-Jul-02 11:01:05

Hi ither & welcome

JanZ Thu 25-Jul-02 11:31:25

We should choose to make this the introductory thread - the title is a good one for that purpose!

Welcome itHER. I'm sure you'll enjoy Mumsnet. There's a great sense of community here.

To introduce myslef, I'm an older mum (41) to a 22 month old ds, live in Glasgow and work full time in sales in the telecoms industry.

We're very lucky in that ds is a very contented wee soul who has slept through from the start (I know those of you you've suffered sleep problems will hate me). That's not to say we've not had the odd wee concern (eg he's very slow to talk) - but Mumsnet is great for reassuring you. We're now thinking of No 2 (dh has finally realised that age IS an issue!) - but if we're successful, have told ourselves that we will have to have laminated signs up in every room with the reminder "Remember, they're ALL DIFFERENT!"

binker Thu 25-Jul-02 13:47:44

hi itHER - where abouts are you - I'm in Brentford and also have a five year old (boy)

Rhubarb Thu 25-Jul-02 16:07:21

Ooooh, I'm learning things about members that I never knew before! Welcome itHER, funny nickname though if you don't mind my saying.

I live in Lancashire and am a SAHM to a (just) 2 year old girl who right now is driving me potty with her need to microwave everything in sight (it is a toy one I hasten to add!)

WideWebWitch Thu 25-Jul-02 16:16:10

Hi there itHer, (agree, funny name but I guess no stranger than mine!) welcome. I'm a SAHM with a nearly 5 yo and I live in the depths of the country in the South West. I'm sure you'll like it here!

oxocube Thu 25-Jul-02 17:53:27

Isn't this interesting I am also a SAHM (though not sure this is a luxury we can afford much longer ) I have 3 children, aged nearly 7, nearly 5 and 9 months and I live in Holland about 30 mins south of Amsterdam.
Miss M & S dreadfully !!

Lucy123 Thu 25-Jul-02 18:22:03

What a great idea. I've only been a mum for 2 months, I work a little from home (will probably be 2 days a week or so, now it's maybe 2 hours a week) so I'm a WAHM. I live in Spain as I've been moaning / showing off about on other threads and I'm still suffering from massive mood swings .

welcome itHER and hello to everyone else!

Lucy123 Thu 25-Jul-02 18:24:39

PS - oxocube I also miss M&S, but there's a C&A here! Take-away sandwiches however you simply can't buy unless you want two bits of dry bread with a slice of cheese.

rosehip Thu 25-Jul-02 20:29:48

Hello itHER - beware this site is very addictive, you will need someone to do the ironing, cleaning etc to keep up with everything!! But such good fun and keeps us all sane (?) Some posts will bring a tear to your eye and some will have you splitting your sides. I'll always remember the 'horsey' one, I wonder whatever happened there .............. Enjoy

Willow2 Fri 26-Jul-02 14:18:07

Hiya - I'm a sahm to son of 2 and a bit, and live in West London. Welcome to the gang.

itHER Fri 26-Jul-02 14:52:29

Wow thankyou for such a lovely warm welcome. I am a SAHM, my daughter has been in full time school for a year now and I dont want to be a SAHM but still looking for a solution out of my catch 22 delima. I live over nearby Uxbridge area. I've been using the internet for about 2years now and I'm still amazed at how easy it is to link up with people all over the world (such simple things amaze me, I should get out more, lol). The nickname it HER is a joke to do with the ex, when I used to phone him. So what has everyone got planned for the summer holidays? (I'm sure when I was at school our holidays werent this long)

pob Fri 26-Jul-02 15:02:18

Hello, I'm a sahm too with 2 girls, 2yrs and 3mnths in Paris. Read the boards like an addict - usually whilst bfdg at night unfortunately - but don't contribute much - everyone else seems so much more knowledgeable! I've worked out what most of the abbreviations are now, but am completely stumped by 'lol'...what does it mean???

PamT Fri 26-Jul-02 15:27:49

either lots of love or lots of laughs. When something is really funny you get ROFL (roll on the floor laughing)

It took me ages to work out In My Experience or In My Opinion, I kept thinking they were typos. Have a look on 'Getting Started' (see top of page) for how to do the smiley faces and links to other sites.

gillymac Fri 26-Jul-02 15:51:58

Hi itHER,

I'm fairly new to mumsnet too. I am a civil servant currently on 6 months study leave. Have exams coming up v soon. At the moment I'm taking a break from reading about Upper Limb Disorders.
I have 3 kids, two school-age girls and a boy of 4 who starts school after the summer.
Summer holidays are driving me mad!! I live in Edinburgh and the schools here finished at the end of June. Ds is at nursery but girls are off school. Was hoping they'd entertain themselves to some extent while I studied but this hasn't happened. Right now eldest dd is watching a video whilst youngest is at her grans. Feel guilty about this but must pass these exams - no pay rise and possible loss of job at stake here. Keep telling myself that I'll make it up to them when course finishes and we go on holiday (9th Aug - not too long to go, thank God)

Enid Fri 26-Jul-02 17:50:32

Oooh, isn't this fascinating. Whereabouts do you live WWW? (think I've asked before but can't remember).

Hallo ItHER and everyone, I am a SAHM (mainly - but do some freelance stuff) with a dd of 2.7 and a new babe due in Oct. I live in the sunny South West, land of fertiliser trucks and silage smells (today anyway)

I have all kinds of problems that I've posted about but at the moment am deeply into the BB3 and cookery threads

carrieboo Fri 26-Jul-02 19:50:22

Welcome it HER only been posting for a little while myself. I'm currently on mat leave and am applying for a carrer break to be a sahm with ds 6 months. Currently live in East London soon moving to Bedfordshire. (any mumsneters in the Flitwick area as I will need new friends when I move!!)

leander Fri 26-Jul-02 19:53:20

Hi there itHER welcome to mumsnet you too will be an addict soon.I am mum to 6mth son and work part timeI'm from Liverpool and thats about it.
love Lxx

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