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I've just remembered the best PFB moment ever, honest, beat me if you can

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alienbump Thu 31-May-07 21:34:19

After flying to France yesterday with my three (7yrs, 4yrs and 6 months), armed with a packet of pringles, a few nappies, a fab new ring sling and not much else, I suddenly remembered my worst PFB moment which I must have blocked out until now.

When DS1 was about 9 months old we had booked a holiday to the canaries. Being very informed and clever first time parents we also took the precautionary measure of also booking a Man/London flight for the sole purpose of gauging his "flightability" before we set forth on the mammoth 4 hr real flight. Armed with most of the stock of the ELC we spent the 45min flight beaming with pride as our obviously gifted traveller slept all the way there and back... Dear god, we needed a slap.

edam Thu 31-May-07 21:35:33

No, really can't beat that!

NikkiBFG Thu 31-May-07 21:36:39

You win hands down!!!

tribpot Thu 31-May-07 21:37:41

You need to be congratulated, that should be in the Guinness Book of PFB Records

CantSleepWontSleep Thu 31-May-07 21:37:47



lulumama Thu 31-May-07 21:37:52


you need some sort of prize , really, you do, that cannot be beaten !

alienbump Thu 31-May-07 21:37:56

I thank you...

berolina Thu 31-May-07 21:39:18


'Fraid I can't beat it, although I did have a few choice moments, including making a serious marital crisis out of dh giving 7mo ds half a teaspoonful of ice cream...

mckenzie Thu 31-May-07 21:43:59

forgive my ignorance but what does PFB mean?

nomdeplume Thu 31-May-07 21:44:33


whomovedmychocolate Thu 31-May-07 21:45:09

Precious First Born

ViciousSquirrelSpotter Thu 31-May-07 21:45:21


Class. Absolutely class

whomovedmychocolate Thu 31-May-07 21:46:23

DH put salt in the water of a 6 litre pan of spaghetti which DD was going to eat ooh about six strands and I went mental on a theme of 'you will give her kidney failure'

morningpaper Thu 31-May-07 21:49:34

very good

I sat next to a mother with PFB at a M&S cafe this week and she was busy flapping at the till saying "Is there anything without DAIRY because he is sensitive to dairy?" while her PFB caused MERRY HELL screaming and running around and did not look very SENSITIVE to anything

Then she sat him in a highchair and said to the Grandparents "Gosh I don't think he will sit there for long" and the poor child was bored crapless and SHRIEKING while his Grandparents ate cream buns and drank lattes and I wanted to give the poor child a spoon and a plate to bang or something... they really seemed utterly clueless about the fact that he might not finding watching Grandparents Eating Forbidden Food utterly absorbing entertainment.

littlelapin Thu 31-May-07 21:50:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PinkTulips Thu 31-May-07 21:53:12

i sent dp on a 40 mile round trip to find me organic baby rice for dd while staying with my parents.

he had come back originally with non organic but i refused to feed my precious angel food that could possibly be contaminated with chemicals

alienbump Thu 31-May-07 21:56:30

Oh I remember having "salt issues" with DS1 too. On the flight yesterday I ignored DD1 feeding DD2 (6 months)pieces of pringle because it meant I got to read my magazine.. 1 PFB + 2 parents + stock of ELC + fact that totally unconcious = exhaustion. 3 kids + pringles - DH who was at work = coffee and a magazine... WHY don't they teach these things at ante natal classes???

P.S I really am not a Rep for Pringles, despite sounding like one at the moment!

morningpaper Thu 31-May-07 21:57:42

roffle @ alienbump

PinkTulips Thu 31-May-07 21:58:50

it's amazing what a blind eye you can turn to the older ones feeding the baby crap isn't it?

dd has shoved things in ds's mouth that i would have had her down to a&e to ask them pump out of her stomach if she'd eaten at the same age!

pudding77 Thu 31-May-07 22:00:47

my PFB moment was when ds was about 6mo, I was at my parents, making up his bottles for the next day & realised I hadn't sterilised them. So I threw away all the milk, sterilised the bottles & made it all up again!

This was in the dark days before MN, you realise!

ViciousSquirrelSpotter Thu 31-May-07 22:02:22

Good one PT

tortoiseSHELL Thu 31-May-07 22:02:48

Fantastic! Love it!

Aitch Thu 31-May-07 22:03:46

alienbump... <bows down in wonder> [awe-struck] [gob-smacked] [etcetera]

MARGOsBeenPlayingWithMyNooNoo Thu 31-May-07 22:04:12


What about your carbon footprint?

Aitch Thu 31-May-07 22:04:25

pudding, bravo!

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