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I'd love to know if anyone I used to know IRL is on here, wouldn't you? Post their names here...

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WideWebWitch Fri 25-May-07 21:48:38

They don't have to say who they are, they can CAT you or whatever. And you can search on your own name. Whaddya reckon? Good idea? Bad idea?

My names of people who I wonder about:

Natasha Strover (South African)
Judith Fenner (Salisbury)

turquoise Fri 25-May-07 21:53:02

Ooh brilliant.

Helena Steel (Kent, Cyprus)
Cathy Mackintosh (Shepherd's Bush - she loved Bruce Springsteen)

Pollyanna Fri 25-May-07 21:56:50

yes, Kitty I'm sure you're on here. let me know who you are. (I know you know who I am...)

VeniVidiVickiQV Fri 25-May-07 21:57:32

Anna Milne (North London)
Androulla Andrea (London, Greece)

Wallace Fri 25-May-07 21:58:54

Claire from Lyminge

Swizzler Fri 25-May-07 22:00:05

Major prob being unable to remember surnames...

St Andrews
Medieval English
Mr Jack

Is that enough clues?

Flumpybumpy Fri 25-May-07 22:00:25

Emma Moy (Crawley)

fishie Fri 25-May-07 22:11:34

andrea cox (southampton)

FrannyandZooey Fri 25-May-07 22:13:51

I wonder if Sinead is on here, you went off to do VSO in Cambodia, remember Tippett Close?

SenoraPostrophe Fri 25-May-07 22:15:08

ooh me too.

I wonder about people from Kings Lynn tech early 90s. especially Sophia and Alison.

LoveAngel Fri 25-May-07 22:16:07

Amy C who was my partner in crime for a short while in Colchester, Essex.

Where are you Ames?

jinxed Fri 25-May-07 22:17:31

Lucy Burgess, last i knew you had 2 little ones, one with Trevor.

Katy Clarke. Lost your mobile number, not sure if you are on here.

Kathyis6incheshigh Fri 25-May-07 22:17:47

I'm always thinking there must be someone from Chelmsford County High but the threads which mention school never turn anyone up....

NikkiBFG Fri 25-May-07 22:18:04

Kirsty Cunningham (UWE, Norway)

CantSleepWontSleep Fri 25-May-07 22:20:00

Lynda K Allen (b'ham then oxfordshire). If you are on here then congrats on having a baby or being in a position to try for one!

hatwoman Fri 25-May-07 22:20:31

Anita Haywood. if you are here I'm going to hide
half of my collegues in which case I'm defintely going into hiding. I know one of them is, but she's great. and discrete. but the rest I might worry
Cathy North. whatever happened to you?

CantSleepWontSleep Fri 25-May-07 22:21:41

There's a male friend I'd love to trace too, so if anyone knows him can you let me know, or tell him to contact me!

Phil Holker (very gay, so quite unlikely to be lurking here himself!!)

Posey Fri 25-May-07 22:22:56

Jinxed - I know a Katy Clarke, few more details please, then I could point you in the right direction!

Malaleche Fri 25-May-07 22:23:13

Fiona MacKenzie
Melanie Hunt
Laura McGee
(All Broughton High, Edinburgh)

Pamela Foote (from Aberdeen, studied photography in Edinburgh 1986/7)

Claire and Clare (Lima 1988, taught at William Shakespere Institute)

Hmm, this makes me look almost interesting!

jinxed Fri 25-May-07 22:24:27

Posey, she is 24/25, 3 kids, Suffolk

ThisIsDavinaPleaseDoNotSwear Fri 25-May-07 22:27:49

Catherine Cunningham (nee Sayer) from Cleveland. I believe you are now a solicitor and I would LOVE to catch up with you

Posey Fri 25-May-07 22:28:58

Ah no not the one I know I'm afraid. Sorry!

Tamum Fri 25-May-07 22:32:52

Malaleche, I work very close to Broughton High. That doesn't help much though, does it?

Antonia (Tonia) Miskiw and Karen Burridge.

SenoraPostrophe Fri 25-May-07 22:36:51

malaleche: 1988! I wouldn't have thought it.

I have to visit the city in the next couple of weeks btw. are you about?

pointydog Fri 25-May-07 22:39:03

You all looking for friends reunited or something?

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