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A good festival with a 1 year old?

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SleepIsForTheWeak Wed 23-May-07 20:31:19

Can anyone recommend a festival this summer that I could take my 1 year old to? Thinking the big chill, have never been so not sure how it will be... any thoughts?

lemur Wed 23-May-07 20:56:37

I have never been, but I heard WOMAD was very family friendly... and has a family field etc. Can't recommend it as such, as I have never been.

Good idea though.

SleepIsForTheWeak Thu 24-May-07 19:24:10

any others?

tortoisefairy Mon 25-Jun-07 13:42:10

I have been to the Big chill for the past 3 years, Yr 1 - we got engaged! Yr-2 I was preggers, Yr-3 - took our ds at 6mths of age Yr -4 this year!!! It is sooooo child friendly but totally different experience once you have kids...I am not sure what ds will eat over the weekend - he is very fussy but he loves bread so I guess as its his holiday too he will be eating 'holiday food'(bread) Having searched the mn site on big chill for advice I have just read all the threads and got some great ideas for stuff to take! Maybe see you there!!!

nailpolish Mon 25-Jun-07 13:46:56

indian summer festival in glasgow is good for families


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