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Ok so dd2 and I sitting in the living room and hear loud crash from upstairs........

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Polgara2 Tue 22-May-07 20:35:46

.........followed by a cascade of feathers into the garden! On investigation there is a bloody great pigeon prostrate in the garden against the fence! Daft sod had flown into the bedroom window. It has now recovered enough to be hopping about but it obviously can't fly - what the hell do I do with it now?
DD2 kept asking if it was dead, or will it die Mummy? Now she's gone to bed but every other sentence was 'is the pigeon still there Mummy'. DD1 now home and wants me to DO something Mummy!!!!!

aardfark Tue 22-May-07 22:41:20

Pigeon flying in sky

But baby pigeon said, "I can't make it; I'll get too tired." His mother said, "Don't worry; I'll tie a piece of string to one of your legs and the other end to mine."

The baby started to cry.

"What's wrong?" said the mother.

"I don't want to be pigeon towed!"

dmo Tue 22-May-07 22:41:13

i know its those eyes

MrsSlowLearner Tue 22-May-07 22:40:32

Crows are like well ard you know.

aardfark Tue 22-May-07 22:40:08

I look forward to sending you some Trill as a wedding present. Right now I'm off to bed too - got to be up with the larks (easier to catch than pigeons!)

dmo Tue 22-May-07 22:40:01

just found the answer
very good

MrsSlowLearner Tue 22-May-07 22:39:53


dmo Tue 22-May-07 22:39:19

why sont crows get run over?

MrsSlowLearner Tue 22-May-07 22:38:47

People may laugh at our unusual pairing but feathers are no obstacle for true lust.

aardfark Tue 22-May-07 22:38:32

Why don't crows ever get run over when eating roadkill?

Because their mates sit on the telephone lines shouting 'cahhh car, car, car'

dmo Tue 22-May-07 22:37:51

i was going to bed but they started it carring on about Barry
now dont forget if you cant sleep count pigeons

MrsSlowLearner Tue 22-May-07 22:37:23

Yes we have an open birdy relationship.

aardfark Tue 22-May-07 22:36:33

Does your partner know about Barry?

MrsSlowLearner Tue 22-May-07 22:36:09

Yep there is nowt like a Barry bowel movement.

aardfark Tue 22-May-07 22:35:45

MrsSlowLearner PMSL at spooning barry.

Funnily enough, once when I was asleep my cat bought me a dead bird and put it on the pillow next to me. I had no idea but ex DH came to bed, went to cuddle me and put his hand on it and screamed like a girl. Twas v funny !

Polgara2 Tue 22-May-07 22:35:20

Right really going this time - stop drawing me back with your ascerbic wit

dmo Tue 22-May-07 22:34:48

is it a pigeon??

aardfark Tue 22-May-07 22:34:37

Bet your car has been crapped on tomorrow as well. Then you won't feel so kindly towards Barry the unstoppable shit machine.

Polgara2 Tue 22-May-07 22:34:26

OMG imagine if I did have feather pillows I could wake up in hot sweat with feathers around my head - stuff that nightmares are made of - BARRYYYYYYYYYYYY

MrsSlowLearner Tue 22-May-07 22:34:10

You may roll over in your sleep and spoon Barry.

aardfark Tue 22-May-07 22:33:52

Cooo - cooo (what's that under the bed)?

MrsSlowLearner Tue 22-May-07 22:33:36

You are on form tonight.

dmo Tue 22-May-07 22:33:11

kill him quick

aardfark Tue 22-May-07 22:33:04

Do you have FEATHER pillows by chance?

MrsSlowLearner Tue 22-May-07 22:32:39

Yes you will wake in a sweat with Barry staring at you.

dmo Tue 22-May-07 22:32:29

goodnight Polgara
goodnight barry

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