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Ok so dd2 and I sitting in the living room and hear loud crash from upstairs........

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Polgara2 Tue 22-May-07 20:35:46

.........followed by a cascade of feathers into the garden! On investigation there is a bloody great pigeon prostrate in the garden against the fence! Daft sod had flown into the bedroom window. It has now recovered enough to be hopping about but it obviously can't fly - what the hell do I do with it now?
DD2 kept asking if it was dead, or will it die Mummy? Now she's gone to bed but every other sentence was 'is the pigeon still there Mummy'. DD1 now home and wants me to DO something Mummy!!!!!

whomovedmychocolate Fri 25-May-07 20:13:47

Polgara - I think Karma has just occured to me following my suggestions to brain Brian

whomovedmychocolate Fri 25-May-07 16:51:47

Now that is ficking scary Polgara.

Aardfark/who moved.

Polgara2 Wed 23-May-07 22:08:37

Am thinking of making this as a momento.

aardfark Wed 23-May-07 20:56:28

RIP Barry

dmo Wed 23-May-07 19:15:34

just been outside and there is bird poo on my patio set if i do see Barry i am really going to shoot him now

aardfark Wed 23-May-07 15:35:53

My cat was chewing something grey and feathery this morning - and Barry has gone. Coincidence?

Polgara2 Wed 23-May-07 13:34:16

Oh god no - I won't be able to empty the bins now in case he's looking at me when I open the lid . Good excuse to get DH to empty them all week d'ya reckon?

dmo Wed 23-May-07 13:18:30

i didnt want your dd to see dead barry so i came to yours last night shot him and scooped in in you black bin
didnt want to bring him back to mine as i dont need ghost pigeons in my house this week

Polgara2 Wed 23-May-07 13:10:11

That is he's not there any more NOT he's snuffed it .
Thank God! DD2's first words this morning (whilst almost peeling my eyelids open) were 'can we see if the pigeon's still there Mummy??' Was terrified to look in case he had pegged it on the patio - but yay a pigeon free garden!!
No more Barrryyyyyyyyyy!

Polgara2 Wed 23-May-07 13:08:17

He's gorn!!!

MrsSlowLearner Wed 23-May-07 11:02:09

I shall never look at a pigeon in quite the same way again.

Polgara ,How is Barry ?

<makes note to self-must post on more intelligent threads>

Yeah right!

aardfark Wed 23-May-07 10:55:50

You've heard the saying 'up with the lark' well this is up with the aardfark (and seven month old insomniac!)

dmo Wed 23-May-07 10:23:06

oh my aardfark do u not sleep women

aardfark Wed 23-May-07 05:55:32

Polgara didn't see Barry's mate as she walked to the car

aardfark Wed 23-May-07 05:49:14

Now Barry has an ASBO!

MrsSlowLearner Tue 22-May-07 22:57:17

<listens at the door>
<Calls the pigeon police>

"Now watch the feckers run"

Budababe Tue 22-May-07 22:56:11

PMSL at this thread!

dmo Tue 22-May-07 22:54:04

shoot the pigeon, shoot the pigeon
come on everybody join in with the singing
shoot the pigeon

Snowboo Tue 22-May-07 22:53:01

This is the funniest thread i've seen in a while!!!!!

(And i agree, shoot the feathery f**r )

dmo Tue 22-May-07 22:50:39

help!!!!!!! there are hundreds of them
hand me that shot gun quickly

MrsSlowLearner Tue 22-May-07 22:45:01

Sorry but the word has got out

aardfark Tue 22-May-07 22:44:18

186 messages one flipping pigeon.

Barry would have wanted it that way!

aardfark Tue 22-May-07 22:43:10

Did you hear about the man who became a millionaire with one homing pigeon?

He sold it for a dollar and it kept coming home a million times!

MrsSlowLearner Tue 22-May-07 22:42:38

so there

dmo Tue 22-May-07 22:41:58

go to sleep

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