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SueW Thu 18-Jul-02 17:06:59

It'd be nice if all those journalists and researchers who are looking for subjects directed their messages direct to Mumsnet rather than posting them direct onto the boards.

Surely most of them are used to dealing with press offices/agencies? Some of the requests posted here I also see on the NCT list and AFAIK, those all come via the NCT's UK Office or the press agency. Anyone who posts direct onto the NCT list tends to get short shrift, as they do here although they are usually channelled in the right direction.

MalmoMum Thu 18-Jul-02 22:36:24

I don't have any hostility toward journalists posting on mumsnet whether it be in a dirext or indirect fashion. I welcome their involvement as this allows the varied viewpoints of some very articulate woman to go beyond these hallowed pages which I can only think of as 'A Good Thing'.

We are communicating to each other on an open forum thus are exposing ourselves to a wide audience who do not necessarily need to disclose themselves to find out the views we readily express. Not allowing open journalist searches would not protect us, as far as I can see.

We don't have much in the way of copyright on these open boards so this is one of those things most of us will have to deal with.

bee Fri 19-Jul-02 08:24:12

Why not get them to pay for posting the request? It would deter all but the most determined, and might make some money for Mumsnet.

justiner Fri 19-Jul-02 12:07:17

Bee that's a great idea! Anyone who comes through to mumsnet requesting help with journalistic projects could be asked to pay a standard £50 subscription fee. I think we'd all feel happier about helping out if they were contributing and of course it would add to the coffers. What do you all think?

Enid Fri 19-Jul-02 12:09:52

Excellent idea, and I think it would stop people feeling quite so cross about the whole thing.

By the way, Justiner, I need to change the email address I registered as Enid. How do I do that? I have emailed tech but no joy...

sobernow Fri 19-Jul-02 12:11:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Batters Fri 19-Jul-02 12:22:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

WideWebWitch Fri 19-Jul-02 12:59:49

Agree Justine, great idea, get them to pay! After all, what they are doing shouldn't entitle them to post for free since they are not really contributing to this "support network for parents by parents".

justiner Fri 19-Jul-02 15:58:37

Batters and Enid tech's been away this week - will get him respond to you directly. Did you have no success with changing your details on the member help page?

This is linked to from the homepage.

tigermoth Fri 19-Jul-02 16:19:52

Great idea getting journos to pay to post here. It should help lessen the hostility, though of course we can still question them closely

Just a small query - what do we do about requests from student researchers?

Willow2 Fri 19-Jul-02 22:13:26

Good idea to get journos to pay - but you might be surprised by how small the budgets are for many of these programmes, so while £50 doesn't sound like a lot for a tv company it might be more than some could afford. Then again, that's not our problem!

Marina Mon 22-Jul-02 10:19:52

Another supporter for making journalists pay a fair sum for posting here. Good idea!

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