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Why do Plumbers/Builders/Chippie's/Plasterers/Candlestickmakers Never turn up????/

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Fio2 Wed 11-Aug-04 14:23:12

Is it because i'm a woman. It's really peeing me off

And *how* do you get them to turn up???

bundle Wed 11-Aug-04 14:25:16

fio the only one i can rely on is my plumber, who's become a friend over the years. i pay him cash and have recommended him to lots of people.
when we were getting quotes for windows and a new staircase a couple of years back hardly any of them turned up, even though it was simple, easy money for them. b*****ds

Fio2 Wed 11-Aug-04 14:26:54

where do you live bundle? i need a plumber! although a lovely mumsnetters has given me the number for one but he is ignoring me >>i am starting to get paranoid! LOL<<

woodpops Wed 11-Aug-04 14:29:23

Because they're that in demand. If they don't fancy a job they just don't turn up. It's stupid. Have finally managed to find a fab decorator, but a plasterer or plumber I can't find for love nor money.

Fio2 Wed 11-Aug-04 14:33:16

hmm but I need a WHOLE central heating system
a new soil pipe
2 cloakrooms and a bathroom fitted
storage heaters and gas fires stripping out

and they STILL wont come out. Do you think it is too scarey?

Fio2 Wed 11-Aug-04 14:34:09

do you think it would be different if my husband rang?

bundle Wed 11-Aug-04 14:36:10

fio try getting a man to ring them. see if it makes a difference. if it does and they belong to a trade body, try reporting it to them. or just ring watchdog
i live in north london (between finsbury park and highbury), the plumber is in tufnell park and did a whole central heating system for a friend - when she was on holiday so she didn't have the disruption!

Fio2 Wed 11-Aug-04 14:57:04

I want your plumber think we are just a tad too far.....i will get my husband to ring and then report them ..

sweetheart Wed 11-Aug-04 15:19:50

we have been trying to find a plumber to replace our central heating system for 9 months now - they are either unreliable or don't turn up or if they do they say they will send a quote AND NEVER DO!!!!! It's soooo infuriating.

My dh had a ring round those in the yellow pages and he didn't get anywhere either I'm affraid

It's true though that they pick the jobs they want - bunch of bastards!!!

And I work in construction so I have to put up with the tossers all day every day

Fio2 Wed 11-Aug-04 15:36:21

OMG! I need to go and have a lie just turned up!!!

but he seemed like a right cowboy

Fio2 Wed 11-Aug-04 15:37:49

I know what you mean sweetherat I used to work for a engineering contracting company and they used to pick and choose , so I know what they are like too

spacemonkey Wed 11-Aug-04 15:39:27

I've always thought it would be a great idea to set up a company of women plumbers. Would get loads of work and *we* wouldn't piss people about like the blokes do. Only trouble is I am utterly useless at any form of DIY let alone plumbing.

Fio2 Wed 11-Aug-04 16:04:36

thing is I reckon i could do it, but I have the kids all day and I wouldnt *trust* myself to link up to the boiler.

You are right though spacemonkey, women would be more trustworthy too. We would keep double checking everything and making sure it worked properly and if a customer phoned up and said it wasnt we would feel so guilty that we would try and help them.

Honestly though!! why do i need to know about the plumber marriage problems?! and the one said I was 'cute' with a great accent?! pardon? i am trying to get a quote ffs! not trying to pull (I hope my husband doesnt read this

Fio2 Wed 11-Aug-04 16:05:55

oh and I forgot to add they said they were late because they couldnt find the house. they were 3 1/2 hours late

MeanBean Wed 11-Aug-04 17:50:27

Why are they all so awful? I dread anything going wrong and needing to call someone in, because about 80% of the time I've dealt with workmen, I've been ripped off. This is a far higher percentage than any other profession, even estate agents are more honest!!! I do know one wonderful builder in the Medway area if anyone wants one, but that's it in ten years of dealing with workmen... I can give lots more "anti" recommnedations than positive ones!

Fio2 Wed 11-Aug-04 18:09:06

i WANT one meanbean I am not that far CAT me hgis number!!!

golds Wed 11-Aug-04 18:41:24

Its a shame you don't still live up here in Stafford, my husband is a plumber

juniper68 Wed 11-Aug-04 18:45:00

Oh tell me about it we've lost count of the amount that haven't. Lanscape gardeners have been the worst but we think we may have found one -think!

I'm going to push my two boys to be tradesman cos once there's one they usually have mates who can do the rest

Fio2 Wed 11-Aug-04 19:12:04

golds, you dont fancy a short break down here do you?

I have just had another one round and he said totally different things to the other does this happen.....I give up

LIZS Wed 11-Aug-04 19:34:16

Sympathies Fio2

It has taken us 9 months just to get a reasonable quote for some plumbing work - various no shows, apathy and the one firm who did bother quote were outlandish. Just seems as if they are not that keen to get the work, even though it would have been for a couple of weeks, so not a small job. Is there really that much demand for them ?

Sadly even the one who was MN recommended had something better to do when we finally managed to arrange for him to view the job

golds Wed 11-Aug-04 19:37:15

my dh has been to many quotes and had the reaction, 'oh you are on time'

Fio2, if my M & D still lived in Ashford, he would do it for you, he was down in Dartford 2 weeks ago doing some work.

JulieF Tue 17-Aug-04 00:59:45

Very in demand atthe moment I am afraid and domestic work is often considered to be more hassle than its worth by the more qualified in favour of industrial. Well it is for the firm in Staffs I work for anyway.

Of course the upside is that I have no problems getting a plumber. (Even when my central heating system broke down on New Years Day)

oxocube Tue 17-Aug-04 07:13:36

The only way I managed to get someone in to even give me a quote was because he's my next door neighbour's brother!! Loads of others didn't bother to get back to me. B*****ds

Fio2 Tue 17-Aug-04 07:50:14

I am managing to get people to come out now, but they arent giving me quotes - just disappearing with their notepads!

shouldnt smile, it is driving me mad!

user1473622506 Sun 11-Sep-16 21:07:28

Just to warn anyone who is thinking of using PHD Mechanical Ltd in Harrow and Hanover Square. Last year we had a worcester Bosch boiler installed by PHDML, chose them as they were on the Worcester Bosch website list as endorsed fitters. I did interview three companies prior to choosing and chose them as the guy who came to assess the work involved seem to know his profession. A year on the boiler was serviced this August by another company who informed me that it was not wired to manufacturers compliance. This was confirmed by WB. We also had had several leaks from valves they had installed causing damage to our home. Having informed them that there were issues with the boiler and the valves we were made to dish out more money and yet none of the three engineers who came bothered to rectify the damage. I am now having to pay a lawyer to try to get them to pay for the damage. The law no longer protects consumers. The large companies protect bogus plumbers because they sell their products. Its all about money never mind that the product or service is faulty or dangerous. It's like saying because you are a nobody you don't have any rights.
What happened to British Law???

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