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Does anyone have the Famous Five story CDs that were free in the Telegraph?

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SoupDragon Sun 13-May-07 13:01:56

Not sure when they were given away but mu mum saved a couple for me and one kept DSs quiet in the car for the whole 1.5hr journey home.

I was wondering if anyone had them and didn't want them or would be prepared to copy them for me if I sent some CDRs

I plan on ordering the Roald Dahl ones from the Book People when I get my replacement credit card.

SoupDragon Sun 13-May-07 14:27:21


SoupDragon Sun 13-May-07 17:22:19

Lashings of ginger beer?

SoupDragon Mon 14-May-07 11:26:10

Ham and turkey sandwiches?

ChippyMinton Mon 14-May-07 11:28:03

It was last summer soupdragon - i was looking for some on ebay the other day, as we have a couple and the DC are getting into them, but they seem to go for quite a lot.

SoupDragon Mon 14-May-07 11:50:27

I coudn't believe how much DSs enjoyed it. Sadly we only have the first 2 (incompetant parents!).

scatterbrain Mon 14-May-07 11:52:25

We have the Roald Dahl ones - fantastic !!!

Sorry - haven;t got the Enid Blytons - interesting that PILS didn't give themn to us as they have the Telegraph every day !

ambercat Mon 14-May-07 11:54:54

our library had some famous five cds, maybe try yours?

SoupDragon Mon 14-May-07 11:58:10

Never thought of the library [doh]

I think you had to go to WHS amd collect them each day, Scatterbrain. Clearly the two I have were the 2 that got given in the paper, no effort required!

scatterbrain Mon 14-May-07 11:59:49

Ah - that might explain it - or the fact that they never even THINK of my dd ?

SoupDragon Mon 14-May-07 12:00:59

It could be that. I think it's rather telling that I only have the first 2 CDs of all the freebie ones I did force them to go and collect the Horrible History books though

clumsymum Mon 14-May-07 12:12:55


My mum got the first 2, but couldn't be *rsed to send off the vouchers for the rest. I later bought the full set on ebay (there are some on there today), and they are brilliant. keep ds happy for hours on long car journeys.

I ticked off my mother, who later collected the secret 7 set, and the roald dahl (although they are nowhere near as successful, much more scary stories), then the horrible histories. She even sent for both sets of horrible histories books, I think she learnt her lesson!!!

I do have the full set tho'

Contact me on eas underscore 1511 at hotmail dot com for more.

sandyballs Mon 14-May-07 12:16:13

Amazon have lots of enid blyton cds.

isaidno Mon 14-May-07 12:20:38

I've got all 7 of the famous five story cds from the Telegraph.

I can get DH to copy them if you like?

NAB3 Mon 14-May-07 17:20:17

soupdragon From this week the Telegraph is giving away the Horrid Henry stories.

NAB3 Mon 14-May-07 17:22:41

horrid history books

Not even close. Oops.

SoupDragon Mon 14-May-07 19:42:32

They did the Secret Seven as well??? Oh my parents are woeful <<shakes head in disgust>> I shall have to have words with them.

Would you really be happy to copy them for me? I'm watching a couple of Secret 7s on Ebay but they didn't seem to have any sets of Famous 5

isaidno Mon 14-May-07 21:52:50

Soupdragon - you can e mail me shazronnie at yahoo dot co dot uk and I will get famous 5 copied.

morningpaper Mon 14-May-07 21:55:38

I have got both sets too

My dd LOVES them


She doesn't MOVE for 1.5 hours when I put them on - it is GREAT! She begs me to put them on

Of course they are violent and terrifying

But she DOESN'T MOVE! Hurrah!

SoupDragon Tue 15-May-07 12:31:26

Thanks isaidno!

MP, the ony problem we had for the journey was continuously stuffing BabyDragon with mini cheddars to stop her crying and drowning out the CD. I dread to think what her salt intake was for the journey...

SoupDragon Tue 15-May-07 12:33:32

And my new credit card has arrived so I can order Roald Dahl from the Book people too. Hurrah!

SoupDragon Wed 20-Jun-07 13:13:44

isaidno, thanks for the discs!!

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