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Effing noisy car with music blasting late at night

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Donkdonkgoo Tue 13-Mar-18 23:46:09

I'm getting sooo pissed of with the selfish attitude of folk that blast music out of cars and vans really late. I live next door to a shop that has deliveries throughout the night, so newspaper man arrives to drop the day's papers at 2am music blasting, then effing milkman deliveres to the shop about an hour later, and now just had a van outside changing the billboard posters (times 4!!!) with loud music and all doors open and slamming doors! And yes I note very loudly the FACT these are all MEN!! Are they thick, totally inconsiderate or just deaf!!!

Kitchenbound Wed 14-Mar-18 07:32:49

I would make a complaint to the store about their delivery drivers and hope they take care of it. Otherwise honestly i would probably lose my mind and storm out there... it's not a good idea admittedly but how much are you supposed to put up with?

specialsubject Tue 20-Mar-18 12:40:52

complain to the shop. I note our supermarkets all have signs out for delivery drivers - turn music off, don't rev engine, speak quietly.

so obvious - and clearly not...

Whitelisbon Tue 20-Mar-18 12:52:13

I had that, but it was the roll delivery man who'd sit outside my house with his engine running for almost an hour every morning, waiting for the shop to open. Music blaring, he'd often have loud phone conversations, and then, when the shop opened at 6, he'd bang and clatter getting the rolls and bread out in metal cages, then bang slam and clatter getting the empty cages back in the lorry.

I spoke to the shop owner, who said he'd speak to him. I called his employers, who said the same.

It stopped after I went outside, in my jammies, heavily pregnant, and screamed at him. I just couldn't take it anymore, and lost the plot.

He's not done it since, over 2 years on!

Kitchenbound Tue 20-Mar-18 13:52:44

@whitelisbon 😂 too funny

Donkdonkgoo Sun 25-Mar-18 12:07:08

Whitelisbon that is very funny, I will definitely have a word with the manager, it's been on my mind for years just feel like a moaning Minnie 😊. I do actually have the managers home number given to me by one of his staff (bet his boss wasn't impressed) as the car wash generator used to get an airlock at night and used to make a horrific noise (all night) when the staff forgot to switch off the water when closing in an evening. That was really frustrating, so now if it happens the manager gets a 2am call from me and he has to come out to sort it 😱

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