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bedtime nappies

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pop Tue 09-Jul-02 08:59:39

Help! I have a nearly 3 year old boy who is potty trained but not at night. He is a normal size fo his age but the problem is that I cannot find a nappy or pullups etc that keeps him dry in the night. I have tried everything including drynite pants, pullups and the biggest nappy I can find. It is not that he is too big but they just seem to be letting everything out. Any suggestions?

PamT Tue 09-Jul-02 11:23:14

Have you tried putting some underpants over the top of the nappy to hold it a bit closer to the skin? We sometimes have leaks in a dry nappy just because there isn't enough skin contact.

mears Tue 09-Jul-02 11:38:35

I used Terry nappies for my children and you can get night time ones that are thick and absorbent but I would imagine you wouldn't be keen to start that at the age of 3. ( I used them at that age but had done so from birth)

Can you gently change his nappy without wakening him before you go to bed? A quick swap without washing would do.

mollipops Wed 10-Jul-02 06:54:02

Do you make sure his penis is pointing down? It might sound a bit obvious but sometimes when you use pullups etc, putting them on ends up leaving the penis pointing up or to one side so the wee ends up going in a different direction where it is less absorbent... Just an idea

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