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Some financial advice

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namopty Thu 08-Feb-18 21:32:15

Hello everyone. I'm sorry if it's the wrong place to post my questions as I'm new here!
I'm on my third trimester but unfortunately things are not going great financially and at home. Currently I live with my boyfriend and his dad in a one bedroom apartment that we rent. We rented this apartment from his previous boss, he is no longer at that job so we have no contact with the person. When my BF left the job the boss said we did not needed to pay the rent for that month (December), we should now be paying the rent from January but since the landlord did not say anything about it the plan is not say anything too and if he says we say we can't pay. I don't like this plan. My BF started a new job a few weeks ago but he wasn't getting paid properly on time working full time and getting below minimum wage so he left this job yesterday. Now the only income coming is from his father someone that I don't trust at all and that I don't want to have to relay on to pay our bills because that's not gonna happen. Me and my bf are already behind on some bills for two months and we have no income right now. Time is getting thight and we have nothing for the baby yet. I haven't had a job for a while and both of my BF jobs were without a contract. His father might help a bit but is someone that I want out of the picture I can't live with him anymore or at least not on this house when the baby comes (since we have only 1 bedroom his room is in the kitchen/living room area). I'm super stressed with this whole situation because it seems that I'm the only one worried that we are probably gonna get kicked out and have no money at all. If you have some advice on what I should do please let me know. Thank you so much for reading.

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