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Family Affairs on Channel 5

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Zoe Wed 03-Jul-02 09:00:26

I love this soap, and before you mock me, give it a chance!

Anyway, I hoped there might be feloow mumsnetters who watch it and can explain something to me. I missed a lot of last week's episodes for various reasons, the last one I watched being when Kelly's baby was born. At that point Karen had declared undying love for Kelly and they were going to be a couple.

How come Karen and Matt are now together with baby Grace and Kelly is friendly with them and seemingly *only* traumatised by giving up the baby? When did things change and what happened?

Anyone help?

21stcenturygirl Wed 03-Jul-02 13:44:45

Hi Zoe
Brilliant - another Family Affairs-er!! I got into watching it when they filmed a few episodes in my ex-neighbours flat.

I've been away on holiday and when I got back, Kelly had had her baby. They were going to set up home together but then Kelly saw how smitten Matt was with the baby and decided that she couldn't go through with it. She then went away for a week and Karen turned her room into the Nursery!

Karen also was really withdrawn whilst she was away and couldn't bond with the baby. But she had a good chat and now everything's okay with her and Matt and the baby.

However, after last night's episode I don't think we've seen the last of Karen and Kelly's relationship. I can see Kelly moving in and secret liaisons!!

Zoe Wed 03-Jul-02 17:25:04

Oh phew - I checked in earlier and thought "argh, there's only me, and I have "outed" myself on Mumsnet for nothing!!! I think that you're right there's some *tension* there, looking forward to the next couple of weeks episodes...

Any sneerers out there, it's a really good soap - I made a deal with my dh that I would cut down on my pregnancy/mat leave soap addiction and have forgone Emmerdale, Corrie and Brookside for FA it's so fab!!!

21stcenturygirl Thu 04-Jul-02 12:29:21

I was thinking how I haven't watched Corrie, Emmerdale, Brookie for such a long time but I have to watch FA and that I must be the only person out there. I'm so glad I was wrong. I really can't stand the story-lines in Eastenders and the Simpsons take priority over the other soaps (it keeps DDs and DH quiet for an hour!!).

Mind you, my DH is a SAHD and he's started to watch the FA repeats at lunchtime (well he doesn't tell me he does but he knows exactly what's going on!!)

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