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BigTWDFan Mon 04-Dec-17 12:35:14

I had no idea where to put this, sorry if in wrong section.
So me, my husband and my sister as all had this bloating feeling for nearly 2 weeks, only just able to have a cereal bar for breakfast, something small for lunch and dinner and the feeling of being full all the time is annoying. Me and my husband are drained, and the fact that we mainly feel bloated after lunch and not able to move for a few hours is irriating now. We all also have a cough and a cold, anyone have any idea what it could be and if it could be the effects of a cold.
We are all a tad overweight, so we been eating more healthily but hard to eat when we feel full.
Any help will be good. Really don't have time for doctors right now 😔

SpongeBobMegaPants Tue 05-Dec-17 16:25:45

Squeeze those sphincter muscles and let out a nice rip roaring fart. Should do the trick. ;-)

phoenix1973 Tue 05-Dec-17 16:35:13

Hot bath.
Brisk walk or run for at least 30 minutes
Eat an apple. I microwave mine, chopped with honey Greek yoghurt.
Eat black liquorice.
Mint tea.
Gently massage the lower abdomen in the same direction as digestive movement (clockwise). I place my right hand on my abdomen and massage to the left in a circle.

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