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Help! I have a date

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onceuponawhim Wed 15-Nov-17 00:10:36

Ok so, for many this would be a breeze... but I have a date and I don’t know what to wear!

Background info:
We knew each other 20 years ago, worked together, and I fancied him then but we were both with other people.

Forward wind 20 years, we are both 2 kids in and single again. Happened across each other in an online way and now we are meeting for a ‘date’.

So the problem starts here, I’m not the slim person I was 20 years ago, he’s still fit and hot (as is his ex wife). So, what to do? Given losing several stone in 3 days isn’t an option.... what do i wear for this meeting that makes me look less fat and frumpy?

He’s a bit younger than me by the way and I am a small just over 5 foot curvy woman.

It’s a day time to night time date. Someone style me please!!

Merci x

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