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Hey Josie and Lynne...

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EdieMcredie Mon 16-Apr-07 10:38:59

...Shall we have our chat thread over here?

Jossiejump Mon 16-Apr-07 13:36:25

Like our new home!

EdieMcredie Mon 16-Apr-07 15:51:05

I know isn't it strange, and we still have loads of boxes everywhere and decorating to do!!!

How the devil are you both? Lynne, glad the funeral is out of the way for you. Must be hard. How is the pregnancy? Not long to go now

And how are you feeling Lynne? xx

EdieMcredie Mon 16-Apr-07 17:20:36

How are you feeling Josie that last bit should have been!

lynnec Mon 16-Apr-07 18:57:56

Hi girls
Glad i found you both
Im fine edie thanks! How have you been keeping??
Jossie i will have to look out for the gaviscon, i feel the heartburn is getting worse...days when its so bad it makes me feel ill.
I had gp today, she said its definetly a big baby it measure 28cm god!!!That sounds BIG!!!!Nearly the size of a school ruler
Hope you are both keeping well x

Jossiejump Tue 17-Apr-07 09:53:59

How many weeks are you Lynne?
REmember that it's not the length of the baby that you have to worry about-it's the size of the head!!! (Won't mention my two boys and their 37cm heads at birth!)

Not feeling too bad-keep worrrying thatI'm not feeling pg enough, then feel bad again, guess I might feel a bit better about it all after the scan next Tuesday.

Seems strangely quiet today-both DS's have gone back to their respective schools after Easter.

One disaster-haven't wanted to eat chocolate, decided to eat some just now and really wished I hadn't as feel sick now (have to eat some crisps to mask the taste.

lynnec Tue 17-Apr-07 16:55:18

Im sure you will feel more at ease after the scan,fingers crossed for you x

Jossie, im the exact same with chocolate,crisps, sweets and cakes...though thought id just try a bit of cake a few minutes ago and regretting big time now!!!!Feeling so sick, serves me right as i knew i would feel this way

Edie hope you are keeping well....whens the holiday now???

Jossie im 26 weeks now

EdieMcredie Tue 17-Apr-07 18:59:47

Im good thanks. Holiday from 6th May. Soooo excited now

Im 19 weeks

Josie how far are you?


Jossiejump Wed 18-Apr-07 13:48:37

8 weeksish
They'll date me exactly on Tuesday if all goes well, but the dates so far tie up.

EdieMcredie Thu 19-Apr-07 16:44:04

Good luck for Tues Josie. How are you feeling about it? I know what happened with the 8 weeks scan before.

How are you Lynne?

Im fed up waiting for a bloody plumber to turn up and do a quote for a new boiler. British Gas quoted 3 and a half grand

lynnec Thu 19-Apr-07 18:17:33

Hope you are both well...goodluck for tuesday jossie and edie hope you find a plumber soon, we're still taking tiles off our bathroom and its a bloody nightmare!!!!!! All week we've been running about for tiles, shower, towel rail, shower door everything,spa bath, everything!!!! Im so fed up with it now as the house is covered in dust,we also had to put in a new electricity box for the shower so the electrician had to tear all my hall ceiling apart to get the wires hidden its a total nightmare.

Anyway apart from my house looking like a bombsite, everythings wellgot everything in for the baby, thank god we started early as we're already at £4000 mark for this bloody new bathroom

Hope you are both having a nice week so far.x

Jossiejump Thu 19-Apr-07 18:32:13

Oh Lynne-we're about to have a new bathroom (as soon as I can make my mind up which one!) dreading the upheaval.
Yes I definately dreadingthe scan-as I'll be 9 weeks if everything is ok, this will be the furthest a baby has got for me in the past year! Funny I always looked forward to scans in my innocent days whilst pg with the boys!
First day back at work today-coped better than I though I would, although exhausted now.
You are organised Lynne, having got everything for baby-I'm impressed.

lynnec Fri 20-Apr-07 09:24:04

Jossie, know what you mean about the scan thing, even when i was going for a scan a few weeks back to see how big this lo actually was, i was terrified, got myself into a right state...just brings back so many bad memories, i got myself into that much of a state my bp was very high which made the dr worry,she kept asking me "have you been wooried about having a big baby" didnt want to go into any detail about prev experience.... still got everything crossed for you! x

Goodluck with the bathroom....hope you dont have to take any tiles off the wall, we've managed to get one wall done...we have a small bathroom (thank god!)ONCE THESE TILES ARE UP, THEY ARE UP FOREVER!!!Im not going through all this again,didnt think it would be so bad for such a small bathroom.

Hope you have a nice weekend x

Edie, hope all is well with so,so of you going away on holiday soon. Hope you are keeping well!! x

Jossiejump Fri 20-Apr-07 17:27:47

Yes we are re-tiling, but we normally do everything ourselves, this time, because we've still got so much to do following the extension last year (and with two boys we need the bathroom to be in action), we are going to get someone in to do it all. It goes against the grain, but there we are!
Edie is it this week that you go away, I've forgotten.

Jossiejump Sun 22-Apr-07 19:47:14

Hiya, had a good day with my mum today (told I was pg, she was glad I was feeling ill as well!
Just a bit down though now-today is a year to the day that my first m/c started-am also getting wound up about my scan on Tuesday (year to the hour that first m/c was confirmed in the same room!)
I keep trying to tel myself that what will be will be, but then I read on here about someone who had a 12 week scan and everything was ok, then it all went wrong after that-the worry never ends!

Nice that I had a day talking to my mum (DH, my dad and DSs all went out together!)

EdieMcredie Sun 22-Apr-07 22:11:25

Josie, so sorry that you are feeling anxious although perfectly understandable. Mc is very very cruel and one of the awful things about it is that it can take away some of the joy and naivety of pregnancy. I have only had one, that was enough to make me worried about everything to do with this pregnancy. Yes it is can be possible to miscarry later but it is far rarer. The only thing you can do is try to take it a day at a time. It's an awful coincidence that your scan will be at the same time as when you had previous one confirmed. xxxx

Jossiejump Tue 24-Apr-07 10:20:59

just got back from the hospital-typically it was the same sonographer who had to break the bad news to me last year!
But everything is fine so far, they've moved my date 5 days sooner and I'm now 9 weeks and two days.
Fingers crossed!!!

EdieMcredie Wed 25-Apr-07 09:54:26

Oh wow that brilliant news Josie. Do you feel reassured?

Jossiejump Wed 25-Apr-07 11:28:49

Yes and no-I guess I won't stop worrying until ...

EdieMcredie Thu 26-Apr-07 12:56:37

I know, im now really nervous about the 20 weeks scan on Monday...

Jossiejump Fri 27-Apr-07 19:57:31

Fingers crossed for you Edie
Lynne are you around??????

lynnec Sat 28-Apr-07 21:54:34

Jossie not been around, things have been very hectic here, we another house for to rent out so have been dealing with the the new tenants and preparing the house for them.

Has everything been ok??
Edie,how are you?

Jossiejump Sun 29-Apr-07 09:12:28

phew glad you are ok I was worried

EdieMcredie Sun 29-Apr-07 10:07:10

Im good thanks girls. Went and did all the shopping for our holiday yesterday. Went with DP and my mum, thank god. She helped me carry everything while DP went off and got his stuff. We spent £250 but got clothes, luggage etc so did quite well. Got a really big suitcase for £25

Anyway we are off next Sat so just trying to get everything done in time.

Got scan tomorrow at 11:45. Don't feel too bad but still a bit nervous. Baby kicking me, like, all the time now though so that's reassuring...

How are you both and your bumps??!! (J-Do you have a bump yet?)

lynnec Mon 30-Apr-07 19:51:37

Edie...lo started break dancing and doing allnighters, so starting to have sleepless nights now...bump is very big (all at the front, thank goodness) but because im so big my back is starting to get very sore, not complaining though!!

I hope you are both well x

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