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About BFs son

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FunnyFajitas Tue 07-Nov-17 13:44:05

I quite often stay at my new bfs house with my 2 year old (previous relationship) and my bf has a 15 nearly 16 year old son and they all live with my bfs mother who is relatively quite nice and I get on with her. But my bfs son always never aims for the toilet and I’m talking it’s all over the toilet, down the side, up underneath the toilet seat and on the floor to the point where I can’t use that toilet and only walk in there in old outdoor shoes. I’ve mentioned it to my bfs mother that he keeps doing that and she always replies with well I’ve been in there and it’s never dirty and if you have a problem bring it up with his dad and he’ll clean it. Now am I being unreasonable in thinking that at nearly 16 he should be more than capable of aiming for the toilet and if he makes a mess that he is big enough to clean it up himself without the need for anyone else to do it? It’s not like the boy is particularly busy not to he spends all day and night when not at school playing play station so I’m sure he’s capable of cleaning after himself

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