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after an abusive relationship

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charletteboymum Thu 02-Nov-17 22:30:28

I broke up with my abusive ex 6 months ago the house is in my name so he left to go stay at his mum's I also left with kids to my mum's I am still here at mum's house I can't go into my old house I open the door to pick up post and that is it.
I was told by his mum he has left town for a while for work so won't be seeing his son.
But I still can't be in the house I have tried I went in searched the whole house to make sure he wasn't hiding in the attic (crazy I know) heard a noise (terraced house busy road :/) ran out havnt been back.
I want to move but I can't even go in to pack I feel so paranoid he is in their waiting for me hiding till he knows I'm alone ...
Has anyone one else experienced this after leaving an abusive ex will it stop ever ...

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