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Am I being unreasonable?

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cookiecookie Sat 21-Oct-17 10:35:38

Well to put things bluntly I’m beginning to strongly dislike everything about my best friend. I have always ran about after her and put up with her rubbish but over the past year it has reached its climax where i can no longer stand it or pretty much stand to be around her. She has two children who she seems incapable of looking after without some form of help, whether it be baby sitting or picking up from school. She seems so spoiled in the fact she expects her well earning parent to give her money, or pay her vet bills, car insurance etc, and doesn’t understand if they say no. The problem that infuriates me is the waltzing around like lady muck expecting you to drop plans to suit her needs but does not offer the same
In return. I asked her for a lift to the doctors for my daughter but she said no as it was not the same way she was traveling (an hour later). Then its the texts five minutes before setting off for the school run to pick her child up as her younger daughter has fell asleep at home?! I mean wake her up?! Baring in mind to drop her daughter at her home adds an extra 20 mins on my walk. The last straw was the other day when she drove to school, i walked as i needed fresh air. As i neared the school i see her sat there in her car waiting for me, as i approached she opened the window and asked me to get her child and walk her to the car,!? It was pouring down and clearly she didnt want to ruin her freshly salon done hair. I told her i didnt know where her childs classroom was she went “oh i dunno” then carried on sitting there knowing me (muggins) would look for her child. Its getting to boiling point now where i don’t want to argue with her but am going to seriously lose my temper. I can see its starting to show as shes already asked if i have a problem as I haven’t liked many of her fb posts (wtf?!). Do i carry on making excuses every-time i see the dreaded school pick up text or do i put her in her place? I feel like i have no excuse to say no as I’m going to the school anyway and would be the worlds worst friend if i told her to wake her younger child up (nearly 3) to go and pick her own kid up from school. I mean when mine were those ages. I had no choice but to wake them up and get on with him, no help asked from anyone. Need advice please!!!

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