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Can you help me decide where to live?

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Stpancras Sun 08-Oct-17 06:26:00

Returning expat, been away nearly 10 years.

We have a small house in Bromley (and we do like Bromley) just outside London but we are open to options.

DH works in a fairly London centric role (commercial valuation surveyor) but does have transferable skills and is open to a career change (to what, we're not sure). I'm a nursery manager so can work anywhere.

We have family in the Midlands and near Manchester, making the problem with Bromley that we are the wrong side of the M25. It adds a lot to the journey.

They way we see it we can a) come back to Bromley, b) find somewhere to the north of London that has similar house prices, commute and schools to Bromley (would love suggestions!) or we can head up to Warwickshire ish or Lanchashire ish areas. Or we can just go somewhere totally new.

Confused. Can you help?

3littlebadgers Sun 08-Oct-17 06:29:20

If you like London how about moving to west London? Ickenham, Ruislip, Uxbridge etc are brilliant for getting on the m40 quickly to see family, yet you can be in the centre of London in no time.

fairyofallthings Sun 08-Oct-17 06:32:55

Parts of Warwickshire are lovely, there has been a thread about it recently which discussed areas to go to and areas to watch for.

Stpancras Sun 08-Oct-17 06:33:45

Thank you. I don't know these places but will check out house prices etc. Are the schools good? We have a 7 and 3 year old so thinking about both primary and secondary.

Stpancras Sun 08-Oct-17 06:35:03

Yes I love Warwickshire, I'm from Solihull so not too far.

I think we just have too much choice!

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