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Anyone know or live in Henley-on-Thames?

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hoppybird Sun 08-Apr-07 11:46:43

After an exhaustive search of areas round and about Berkshire/Surrey/Middlesex, taking into consideration my dh's commute (to Maidenhead) house prices, Ofsted reports, proximity to schools, train station, local shops and town centres, (important, as I don't drive) we realised that Henley-on-Thames is just about affordable to us and, on paper, seems really good.

I have one 6 year old ds and a 7month old dd, and we've seen a few 3 bed properties there that would certainly fit the bill - town is walkable, as are three seemingly fab schools.

So, my question to you good folks out there is, what is the reality of living in Henley? Are the schools nice? Any areas to avoid?

Would love to hear from anyone in the know!


hoppybird Thu 19-Apr-07 13:00:51

Well, we decided that the best thing to do would to be to look at the schools for ourselves! We have appointments next week at two schools - we just need to decide on one, as we have now settled on Henley as our future home - thanks for all your input!

If there's anyone out there who has kids in school at Henley at the moment, I'd love to hear your views!

mumblechum Thu 19-Apr-07 13:50:34

Hi, Hoppy, As I mentioned earlier we're just over the Bucks border so our son goes to a grammar in Marlow (10 mins from Henley), however all his friends go to Gillotts.
1 says it's great, loves it.
1 is being bullied, but tbh would prob have been bullied wherever he went
1 is ambivalent.
1 (only girl out of the bunch) loves it too.

It's a fairly laid back school in that, eg, no Easter homework, detentions few and far between, apparently excellent Head.

Have you looked at Ofsted report for Gillotts?

Sorry, know nothing about primaries in Henley itself.

hoppybird Thu 19-Apr-07 16:17:45

Yes, we've been reading Ofsted reports for everything! Obviously, visiting the schools and knowing people who actually go there provides a valuable perspective - good to know your son's friends' views on their school, mumblechum!

Gillott's is certainly above the national average performance-wise, and we're happy with that - much better than the schools in our current area, also the info on discipline/exclusions etc is far better than here. We have thought we should just keep an eye on how the school continues to develop.

The primaries are the most important at this moment, and at least on paper,they seem more than adequate. Be nice to confirm this first hand, though! I need re-assurance that we're making the right decision!

RichardGB Wed 15-May-13 15:33:47


I'm not sure if you're still registered on Mumsnet, but could you provide an update on your life in Henley? How do you find the town and schools 6 years on?

My wife and I are considering moving there with our 2-yo twin daughters.


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