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ideas for meeting other mums (or anyone live in Malaga?)

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Lucy123 Wed 26-Jun-02 14:17:09

I have a six week old baby and live in Malaga, Spain. We live in a holiday/retirement area and even before she was born I was starting to feel quite isolated - the pre-natal classes simply consisted of very long lectures (and I couldn't understand everything) and most people sneaked off early so there was no chance to meet up afterwards.

Also as it turns out, the only after-birth care you get here is a monthly appointment with the pediatrician - no midwife visits, hv or clinics. I've just been to the health centre to find out if there was some form of mother and baby group or something but the answer was no. I just burst into tears at the news - I didn't realise really how much I'd been hoping there was something, but all they could advise was that I go to see my doctor (presumably as they thought I was depressed - but it's people I need, not Prozac).

Has anyone else been in this position and does anyone have any ideas for meeting people? I guess I could advertise my own group, but I'm not entirely sure I have the energy!

PamT Wed 26-Jun-02 15:49:04

Is there a park or sports centre where a group could meet away from individual's homes. That way you could put a poster up for a specific meeting time and hope that others in the area would also be interested. You could also advertise for other new mums to contact you so that you could at least have some similar company, you could go for a walk or a coffee together and wouldn't feel so isolated but there wouldn't be all the hassle of starting a formal group. Failing that, stick with Mumsnet, there's bound to be something to chat about and always someone who can give you advice.

Art Wed 26-Jun-02 18:42:56

Having just survived my first year of motherhood in Barcelona, I know exactly how you're feeling!
Spanish women don't seem to do the coffee morning/meet up bit so I know it seems very isolating.
Is there a local English speaking magazine/book shop/bar where you could post an advert for meeting other Mums? It wouldnt have to be too much hard work, just to meet for a coffee or something.
Is your partner English? Does he work with other English speakers who might have small children too?

On the plus side I have found the Spanish in general very child friendly. Keep going out with the pram and it will help you to get chatting to more people. I found that going to the local park at the same time everyday I saw the same faces and got talking.

As for advice I have relied heavily on Mumsnetters! I know there are other Mumsnetters around Spain but dont know if there are any in your area.
In the meantime, we are always here.

Art Wed 26-Jun-02 18:52:36

Just had a quick look back thru previous messages. Lisboa was looking for other Mums in Spain and Portugal and 2 mums in Valencia. Maybe they can help a bit more.

Lucy123 Wed 26-Jun-02 19:44:14

Thanks Art - my partner is English too and part of the problem is that we are both self employed programmers working from home. Am thinking more about placing an ad in the local paper (or when she's older I could take a part-time job - the problem is that programming pays so much more!) - also will search on those messages

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