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Help me with ideas to entertain 15 kids and their parents!

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Falcon1 Wed 13-Sep-17 10:10:38

We've just moved into a new house, just as my DD turns 5. As I left it a bit late to organise a party (so preoccupied with moving) we decided to invite friends, their siblings and parents to our house thinking not many people would be able to come. Everyone can come!

So now, we've have 15 kids and their parents (to whom I've promised booze and nibbles) and the weather looks like it's going to be rubbish so probably won't even be able to use the garden. Ahhh!

Can anyone provide me with some tips? Most kids parties I've been to recently have been at a venue e.g. softplay place, or have had an entertainer. Am I going to get away with pass the parcel etc? Will they all run riot?! Feeling quite stressed. Any help appreciated!

MrsOverTheRoad Wed 13-Sep-17 11:06:58

Pinata...adults love these as much as it about 2 hours in or when you want people to think about leaving. It causes much excitement and you MUST make the kids queue for their turn a good distance from the piniata or someone'll get whacked

Craft table...this is just any large table, placed somehwhere out of traffic...put out sheets of paper, stickers, crayons etc...NOT glitter unless it's glitter glue pens. If you're feeling crafty, pre cut out some basic shapes for the kids to decorate....butterflies, stars, hearts etc.

Treasure hunt...doesn't matter about the weather unless it's lashing down. Hide packets of small sweets/stickers/cheapo toys all around the garden in the manner of an egg hunt.

Don't bother with clues...keeps them busy for ages if you hide loads. You can also make them decorate a bucket or bag in which to collect their treasure...let them do that as soon as they arrive...tell them it;s for a surprise..then once they've all finished, tell them about the hidden treasure.

Falcon1 Wed 13-Sep-17 11:23:12

Thanks MrsOverTheRoad, some great ideas there! I like the ideas of getting them to make their own bag - means I can get away cheap/plain party bags! And then they can search for their own party bag sweets. Genius!

MrsOverTheRoad Wed 13-Sep-17 11:24:25

Yes! Make them work for it grin

talysia Mon 09-Oct-17 20:56:59

Do the at home zoo.there are many places that come to your home with all kind of animals reptiles and other.tell about them and you can hold them.take photos.and its goes for about 2 hours.all kids love that.

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