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Nikcolas Thread

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fairyfly Mon 19-Jul-04 03:01:43

A thread for you to do what you do

nikcola Mon 19-Jul-04 03:05:39

arrrrrr, Thank you ff im touched i really am ,xxxxx why you still up ?

fairyfly Mon 19-Jul-04 03:07:34

Why are you still up? I am just a bit hyper at the moment i have started to only need 5 or 6 hours sleep.

nikcola Mon 19-Jul-04 03:09:03

im a bad mom i made dd have a kip with me in the afternoon now she is up and watching cartoons and eating crisps and she just gave me half or then bless her xx

nikcola Mon 19-Jul-04 03:09:42

i could never survive on 5 hours sleep, id be well moody

fairyfly Mon 19-Jul-04 03:13:53

Is your babba called Shireen? You must be very patient to have her up at this time of night

nikcola Mon 19-Jul-04 03:22:12

yeh thats her name you rembered no shes ok she good as gold i wish she was allways like this!!! she keeps me company

fairyfly Mon 19-Jul-04 03:28:44

Well i just looked in on my boy, the other boy i have is staying with my parents tonight. He is sound asleep and while i was looking at him i noticed his eyes have turned into big adult eyes, he is growing up.

nikcola Mon 19-Jul-04 03:32:16

arr how old are they ff?

fairyfly Mon 19-Jul-04 03:32:44

3 and 5

nightowl Mon 19-Jul-04 03:59:58

dont beleive her nik, about their ages i mean sorry...ile bugger off now!

fairyfly Mon 19-Jul-04 04:02:08

I just got back from my favourite programme, i am becoming obsessed, nice to see you flying tonight owlgirl

fairyfly Mon 19-Jul-04 04:02:41

The Mighty Boosh it is called and it is just funny

nightowl Mon 19-Jul-04 04:09:59

the what? whats that about? (am i ok to butt in here?)

fairyfly Mon 19-Jul-04 04:26:32

The Mighty Boosh, honestly the funniest thing, bbc3, very sexy man in it too and i want to become a mod

nightowl Mon 19-Jul-04 04:46:26

cant say ive seen it but then i dont usually watch tv at night. problem with my digi box and it keeps changing channels all by itself...very annoying.

lou33 Wed 14-Jul-04 08:49:57

Mighty Boosh is hialrious. We tape it for the kids and they love it too.

mummytosteven Wed 14-Jul-04 10:42:07

nikcola - is that baby on board by Dr Howard Clinton - a non-fiction book? If so, you can borrow mine and swap your amazon order for something else you've not read (as you wouldn't want to go under £29 and lose the free postage!)

nikcola Wed 14-Jul-04 10:46:01

no its a fiction book, thank you anyway mts, do you read a lot too?????

mummytosteven Wed 14-Jul-04 10:51:25

yeah - tho not nearly as much before 1)having Ds and 2)discovering Mumsnet. I'm more into detective stories and thrillers than chick/mumslit tho. Also a bit into true crime - read all of Ann Rule's!

nikcola Wed 14-Jul-04 18:03:54

right ladies i need a serious kick up the bum im soo tired i cant move off the sofa i cryed for an hour today because dd wouldnt have a nap im really starting to think im going mad

mummytosteven Wed 14-Jul-04 18:05:53

nikcola - you're not going mad - going through a hormonal shift, stressed, ill and tired.

nikcola Wed 14-Jul-04 18:41:38

i honestly cant take dd anymore she is moody cause we havent been out for ages and she drives me mad all i want to do is sleep ive got to go shopping in a bit (food shopping) and i really dont want to go xx

nikcola Thu 15-Jul-04 16:41:13

no body loves me anyomore

mummytosteven Thu 15-Jul-04 16:44:08

hello nikcola - so how are you today - think you posted on something else today so hopefully feeling a bit better. Did DD enjoy the shopping trip?

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