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Cambridge - anyone around?

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bee Thu 20-Jun-02 07:05:33

Does anyone want to meet up in Cambridge or one of the villages around? Azzie, Rhiannon, Helenmc, Tigermoth (if you still have friends or family here) Also Philly - have you decided about moving yet?
Not sure I'll go into hiding if everyone says no, but it would be good to see who's around. Love Bee

tigermoth Thu 20-Jun-02 07:15:35

Bee, I don't visit Cambridge regularly - some friends but no family there now. I will try to get along to any meet up you organise, if possible, but evenings would be difficult. If you choose a village, one that's on the London side is better for me.

soothepoo Thu 20-Jun-02 23:18:39

Cambridge would be good for me - I live in Bedford.

mines Fri 21-Jun-02 05:20:28

Hello - I'm in Cambridge and would be up for it.

bee Fri 21-Jun-02 12:52:01

Great - which would work better for you? lunchtime or evening, weekday or weekend? I'm pretty flexible.
Anyone else interested in joining us?

futurity Fri 21-Jun-02 15:00:16


I am in Melbourn near Cambridge...anyone near by?


soothepoo Mon 24-Jun-02 10:08:37

Weekends would be better for me, but probably not until August.

bee Mon 24-Jun-02 16:36:42

August would be fine. Let's talk again then - or shall we fix a date now?

mines Mon 24-Jun-02 21:06:14

Can I put in a plea for weekends? I'm working most weekdays. August is currently v free for me - but perhaps not the bank holiday weekend?

Venues in town that might work would include pubs like the Cambridge Blue or Kingston Arms (both child friendly) and apparently Browns is also quite flexible.

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