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All day at school, or out after lunch???

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Tigger2 Wed 19-Jun-02 12:05:58

My son starts school at the end of August, now our local Education Department have given us parents the decision as to when our children finish their school day. This will go on until just before the October holidays, no DS will be 5 1/2 when he goes, and I'm not sure wether to let him have lunch and stay all day until 3.00pm and then bus home with DD, or to collect him after his lunch.

oxocube Wed 19-Jun-02 12:16:07


Have you asked your son what he would like to do? Does he already have friends who will be in the same class? It may be worth checking with some of the other class mums to see how they feel. My eldest d.s. will be 7 in September and has always hated to be 'different' from his classmates, so if the majority of his friends stayed at school for lunch, I know he would want to be 'part of the crowd'!

Your decision will probably also take into account how tired your d.s. is in the afternoons and if he is one of those kids who is quick to adapt to new situations or whether he takes a little longer to settle in to a new routine and would benefit from a more gentle introduction to school life.

My personal opinion is to take your lead from your child: he will be at school for a great many years to come, so its not worth pushing too hard if he simply isn't ready. Good luck

WideWebWitch Wed 19-Jun-02 12:30:49

Tigger, agree with Oxocube. My ds also starts in Sept although we haven't, as far as I know, been given the choice about when their day ends. I'm therefore assuming it will be 3pm like all the other children (will have to be in my case since I'll be working then).

A friend decided her dd should do half days when she started school (and she wasn't given the option, she just told the school that this was what she was going to do) and it worked for her. The teacher was surprised when she first mentioned it but at the end of that first term said "well done, you did the right thing in xxx's case, it was the best thing for her." Presumably your ds is having half day school visits about now so you could wait until Sept and ask him what he wants to do then?

Tigger2 Wed 19-Jun-02 13:23:51

He is in school tomorrow and friday, an hour on thursday and he stays for lunch on friday and then into Nursery. I have asked him and he wants to stay, he is the eldest in his class the youngest being nearly a year younger.

oxocube Wed 19-Jun-02 13:51:13


Just to add, my 2 youngest kids changed schools last August. We moved countries and changed from a system where, at 3 1/2 and 51/2 years, the longest they had spent in school was 9 a.m. til 12.00 3 days a week and 9.a.m. til 2.00 p.m on the other two days. When we moved to Holland where we are now, the kids were expected to go all day (although f.t. schooling is compulsory from 5 yrs, it is free from 4 yrs and all kids seem to go f.t. from then).

I was really worried that my kids would find it all too much, especially as they were moving from one foreign language to yet another, but as it turned out, I was much more worried than they were. They absolutely loved it! I was the one sitting at home worrying about my babies and they were having a great time!

I know everyone's kids are different but if, as you say, your son is really keen to stay all day, why not give it a go.

CAM Thu 20-Jun-02 09:53:22

oxocube I am fascinated to find out that you live in Holland as I have had Dutch friends for 20 years or more and have spent lots of time there. Whereabouts are you living?

oxocube Thu 20-Jun-02 12:52:06

CAM, we live in a smallish village between Hilversum and Weesp, about 15 km south of Amsterdam. Unfortunately, I have not learned the language yet, other than very simple pleasantries and asking for things in shops, but everyone here has been lovely. We are the only foreigners in the village, but still have been made very welcome. Our kids go to the local school and we are amazed at how well they have learned Dutch. Not sure how long we are staying in Holland, prob about another 18 months, but can thoroughly recommend the lifestyle - VERY family orientated. School system seems great too.

Where abouts do your friends live?

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