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Saw a snake yesterday....still have goosebumps

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Melly Wed 19-Jun-02 09:42:47

Arriving home yesterday lunch-time after a shopping trip, was just driving up the lane before you get to our house and saw something which I thought was a branch lying in the road. It then moved and I sat in the car waiting to turn into our drive watching. It crossed the lane and disappeared into the hedge. I did get quite a good look at it and I think it may have been an adder? It was sort of greyish colour and had markings on it's side, like a triangle I think. Yuk.......I don't think it was a grass snake but I'm no expert. It really gave me the willys and dh didn't help when I spoke to him on the phone last night because he said that they can kill a dog (we have three dogs).
Anyone know about adders - I know very little and am feeling quite nervous about this.

WideWebWitch Wed 19-Jun-02 10:22:14

Melly, there's some info here about adders. Death by snakebite in the UK (assuming you are in the UK) is *very* rare.

Melly Wed 19-Jun-02 11:33:12

Thanks for that wickedwaterwitch, that site was really interesting (even though I don't like snakes). Having looked at the pictures, I now think what I saw yesterday was actually a grass snake. I didn't realise they had markings and assumed it was an adder.

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