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Do you and your dp/dh have separate bedrooms? Or would you if you could?

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WideWebWitch Thu 22-Mar-07 21:37:04

While browsing This Morning for a pic of Fern, who has apparently lost weight, I read this about separate bedrooms.

I'd LOVE one and in fact when ds is away one of us often sleeps in his room (he has a double bed). It doesn't mean we don't erm, have a full marriage, we do but I love being sprawled diagonally across a double bed on my OWN.


morningpaper Thu 22-Mar-07 21:39:21

Yes I would love one

I think it would be romantic to be invited into DH's bedroom and him into mine

He could snore and I could read my books and feed my babies all night


Waswondering Thu 22-Mar-07 21:40:31

Oh no, I love having him beside me. Never sleep as well on my own.

Hulababy Thu 22-Mar-07 21:41:14

No, I like sharing my bed with DH. Think it'd be really odd having the bed all to myself.

We have friends who have seprate rooms. he snores really badly and medical 9and other) treatments have been unable to sort it out, so they bought a bigger house with two decent sized double rooms - one for each of them. AFAIK they have a full relationship too.

Rhubarb Thu 22-Mar-07 21:41:45

What a great idea!

bristols Thu 22-Mar-07 21:43:02

No, I love sharing. Snoring and all. Spent a week away without him last week and I hardly slept a wink. Ended up with DS in with me for a few nights

hatwoman Thu 22-Mar-07 21:43:25

my initial reaction to your thread title was why on earth would you? but i clearly didn;t need much persuading. there's a level of independence, of having your own retreat, of being - weird as it might sound - grown up - that really appeals. I've never really had my own room as an adult and suddenly, yes, I think I'd like one. although myown study would probably be as good.

carlsberg Thu 22-Mar-07 21:43:44

My dh works away quite a lot and even though I miss him I love having the bed to myself. We have a super king size so it is 6 ft across - bliss!

CountTo10 Thu 22-Mar-07 21:43:46

I couldn't do it all the time but the luxury of bein gon your own in bed is lovely!!! I usually get it once or twice a month and I do savour it!!

Tinker Thu 22-Mar-07 21:44:20

Oh, I yearn for my own bed sometimes. Partner snores in my ear and our youngest is in from about 5.30 am.

alipiggie Thu 22-Mar-07 21:45:06

Sadly yes but not through choice. But normally ds1 creeps into to snuggle up beside me which is lovely. Especially when it's cold.

Hulababy Thu 22-Mar-07 21:46:26

Bristols - the snoring I mention about friend's Dh is no ordinary snoring. It is so loud. We camped recently with them and he ended up in the car asleep - even his own seperate tent was too close. I have never heard snoring like it!

TeeCee Thu 22-Mar-07 21:46:34

My own bed, super king, surrounded by fluffy pillows, no duvet hogging, snoring, farting, no-one falling asleep and leaving the lamp on that wakes me every time, .... fuck yeah!

I'd still want lots of sex though, so he'd be allowed in at certain times, but ohhh yeah, sending him back to his own bed.

Ohhhhhh YEAH BABY!

KerryMum Thu 22-Mar-07 21:47:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sunnyjim Thu 22-Mar-07 21:47:40

Yes, similar to hulababy, DH snores VERY badly and with DS still waking in the night it made sense for at least one of us to get a decent nights sleep. So one of us has baby monitor and other can relax.
I do think it can put a bit of a strain on things but then we're goin through a very bad patch anyway right now so I kinda like havigng my own space.

morningpaper Thu 22-Mar-07 21:47:47

I'd love a dark red boudoir with a proper dressing table

DH can have a boring white bedroom with his suits in

I'd just like a bedroom without children it in

WideWebWitch Thu 22-Mar-07 21:47:55

I want one of these but also look at this!

I imagine a room with a huge huge king size bed with crisp cool linen, absolute SILENCE, blackout blinds, a window I could open onto the beach/sea <www drifts off into reverie> Can you tell I've thought about this?

gemmiegoatlegs Thu 22-Mar-07 21:48:24

best of both worlds here - dh works nights so i get to have the bed to myself 4 nights a week and still have him next to me when he's there....on the downside when he's at work i lay in bed wondering if those creaking sounds are someone coming up the stairs!

bristols Thu 22-Mar-07 21:48:26

Hula - surely he could get some help for that? I sent DH off to the docs before we got married. Told him I'd call it off otherwise!!

TeeCee Thu 22-Mar-07 21:49:19

no, no, you want SUPER king size. Egyptian cotton sheets, ironed, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

dingdongjustforyoufg Thu 22-Mar-07 21:50:16

DH quite often uses the spare room, it started when I was pregnant and awake hlaf the night, DH would bugger off to get some sleep, then when DTs came it was easier to get what sleep we could separately, esp for me, I found getting up in the night harder if I had to go back to a snoring, never even heard them, DH! He also likes to stay up much later than me. I love sleeping on my own, doesn't mean I love him any less though

Megglevache Thu 22-Mar-07 21:52:11

Message withdrawn

hatwoman Thu 22-Mar-07 21:53:08

one thing I;d miss is spontaneity. I like subtle, little nudges, creeping closer, lying wondering what the other one's thinking. If you had seperate bedrooms going in, or inviting t'other one in would be like sticking a sign on your forehead that says "I'M UP FOR IT". i don;t like that.

bristols Thu 22-Mar-07 21:54:17

Meggle - LOL at 'gamey farts' Am killing myself laughing and ruining DH's enjoyment of House!

Chimpynoodle Thu 22-Mar-07 21:55:30

Probably not qualified to answer as a lone parent, but GOD yeah! Couldn't bear to share my bed with a man (Or anyone, even the man I love) every night.

I remember the writer Jay Mcinnerney on Desert island Discs once, talking about his famously (apparently) longevitous and successful marriage. He said that he had the basement, his wife had the attic & they met in the middle every day. Most nights they would have a "your place or mine?" type conversation & this was the key to sustaining freshness & romance in the relationship. V. inspiring.

I sometimes wonder if had the former Mr. Chimpynoodle had his own bed, I wouldn't be a lone parent now. His snoring & farting drove me to near mania...

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