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YcLaT Mon 12-Jun-17 03:38:39

Is Mummylin still here? I've been away for a decade...

YcLaT Mon 12-Jun-17 10:55:46


ssd Mon 12-Jun-17 10:58:16

yes mummylin is still here!

and thank god for that smile

YcLaT Mon 12-Jun-17 11:04:32

Thank you ssd 😊. I've found her!

ssd Mon 12-Jun-17 16:00:00

mummylin is a wonderful poster, though she'll kill me for saying that! I met her on a bereavement thread and the support she has given and still gives to new and old posters is really incredible, she seems to know the right thing to say in any circumstance and I know how much she helps people when they are grieving. I'm glad shes here.

YcLaT Mon 12-Jun-17 19:08:10

smile Me too, ssd

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