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leaving gift idea for male manager

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whiskersonkittens80 Sun 11-Jun-17 22:01:40

my manager is leaving (not retiring) and I'm gutted as he's a great manager and nice guy. He's older than me and has been kind of fatherly to me.

I want to get him something, I don't know if there's going to be a work collection (if so it wouldn't be me who should organise it as there are others who know him better iykwim) but I want to get him something just from me or would that be weird?

He was very supportive when I disclosed something a few months back.

I don't know too much about him though, he's quite a private person and thus I don't know what he would like. I know he's not a drinker and he's not into football. He doesn't really socialise with colleagues, tending to leave relatively early. I know he likes greece for holidays. He's married with grown up kids. I know also he's always wanted to go to russia and is into russian history/politics. He tells bad jokes too.

Any ideas please?

millifiori Sun 11-Jun-17 22:15:50

How about a guide book to Russia and a map of Russia or a phrase book? Something which shows you know what's important to him and that also gives him a nudge to do something he's always wanted to do.

jenthehen Sun 11-Jun-17 22:27:27

I once bought a small bonsai tree for a male colleague who was retiring.

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