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Is there a feliway for kids?!

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NattyBatty Wed 31-May-17 10:23:17

My 3 (almost 4) yo son has been a little shit monster spirited over the weekend.

He has:

- thrown tantrums about everything,
- refused to sleep,
- refused any food that wasn't a jam sandwich,
- refused to get dressed,
- wanted more cartoons,
- wanted more stories (when cartoons were vetoed),
- wanted more songs (when more stories were vetoed),
- wanted more teddies in bed with him (when more songs were vetoed),
- was "scared" of everything from the teddies he requested in bed with him, to the shadow of the lampshade of his ceiling light (being cast by the lamp on his bedside table and the sunlight coming through his open curtains because he is also scared of the dark)
- thrown a fit because Daddy went to the shop without him because he wasn't dressed (he had, in fact, stripped off completely and decided to have a bath - without asking if he could have said bath before going and running it himself, then getting angry when he was told he could have a bath if he wanted but he needed to ask a grown-up first - so he was less dressed than when he asked to go to the shops with Daddy in the first place),
- unravelled half of my crocheted octopus (for a preemie baby) angry
- cried because I made him sad (because I was upset he had undone over an hours work by unravelling the octopus)
- generally been disobedient and given back-chat about everything

I have never been so glad to escape to the office.

I was talking to my friend (she only has cats) and she was saying her cats were acting up over the weekend too, so she got some feliway which calmed them right down. It's basically vaporised catnip, so her cats were calm because they were stoned. Is there a feliway for kids?grin

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