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What is the best Shower Gel for sensitive skin?

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Biglips Sat 17-Mar-07 22:32:04

as my skin had seems to be dried out and ive got a bit of exzema on my back. ive been using Imperial leather blue shower gel but possibly its too strong for me

Biglips Sat 17-Mar-07 22:32:41

also i like nice smell ones too and not simple as they got no smell

vixma Sat 17-Mar-07 22:33:22

Dove and E45 offer aid if this is any help.

skirmish Sat 17-Mar-07 22:33:56

huge no to imperial leather...gave me horrible dermatitis when i was a child, so i've always steered clear

i find sanex is the only thing that doesn't make my skin feel like it will crack after i get out of the shower

also, have a friend with psorasis and excema and it doesn't bother him

and, it's quite often on buy one get one free in sainsburys

Biglips Sat 17-Mar-07 22:36:23

ooh ive tried Dove and that dried my skin out terrible.. not tried E45 yet or sanex yet.

julienetmum Sun 18-Mar-07 00:25:19

My mum swears by a shower gel called Sanex. I think it is a bit more pricey but very good for sensitive skin.

AitchYouBerk Sun 18-Mar-07 00:27:39

i rate sanex as well, dh has v sensitive skin. it's good value, i reckon especially as it's often on a bogof offer.

Furball Sun 18-Mar-07 07:07:15

Have you got a health shop near you? As I get all toiletries in there and no I don't wear funny sandals and yes I do shave me armpits!

I'm a complete convert into kind skin products and especially Jason satin shower. I use the rosemary and glycerin one and it's amazing. You'll wince abit at the price £7 but for a huge squirty bottle but that lasts 3 people at least 6 months. It's helped all our skin problems of different sorts mainly dry and itchy.

Furball Sun 18-Mar-07 07:14:45

you need to keep you eyes open for sulfur or sodium lauryl/laureth sulfates in the ingredients as they dry and irritate the skin read Here unfortunately it's really hard trying to find something that HASN'T got it in, hence the health shop.

SofiaAmes Sun 18-Mar-07 07:39:34

Are you talking about for soaping your body? I have had dry sensitive skin all my life and I use soap (hypoallergenic, perfume free) ONLY on the stinky bits (like under my arms, bottom etc.) and let the rest of my body just get rinsed by the shower. And then if my skin is particularly dry I also put on lotion (Aveeno) all over straight after a shower when my pores are still open. My dd had very bad excema as a baby and still has sensitive skin now and I use the same approach with her (though she does get a little dirtier everywhere than I do).

zippitippitoes Sun 18-Mar-07 07:50:03

I rate sanex as well..I have sensitive skin and have used it for years as it is affordable especially if you gert it bogof

I find I don't need deodorant either

there are very few products I use due to skin reactions but this works for me

some of the green organic or hypoallergenic products I have had horrendous reactions too so I am very cautious and once I find something I don't tend to change

TheBlonde Sun 18-Mar-07 08:37:01

We used to use Sanex but now DH is using some shower gel called Dermol - it's about 8 quid and you have to ask behind the counter at boots but it's cleared up his ezcema nicely

AitchYouBerk Sun 18-Mar-07 10:32:18

sofiaames! <hijacking thread>

i asked you a while back about children's vitamins, the thread had your name in the title but you obviously never saw it.

AitchYouBerk Sun 18-Mar-07 10:33:49

would you take a look i'd be most grateful, thanks.

wanderingstar Sun 18-Mar-07 11:42:23

Dermol. My dermatologist recommended it for ds3 when he had an ecxzema flare up. Dh has been using it too for a while, and I jump on the bandwagon too during spells of dry skin. They also do a thick emollient cream for dry skin.

SofiaAmes Sun 18-Mar-07 15:55:04

aitchyouberk, sorry i missed your thread. I have now added a comment to it!

Biglips Mon 19-Mar-07 08:23:12

thanks everyone - ill try the Sanex first to see how i get on and also will have a look in Hollands & Barrett

BigCremeEggs Wed 21-Mar-07 08:01:40

ive tried Sanex (dermo sensitive) for the first time last nite and it got a lovely feel to it as it seems to 'coats' my skin and i was hardly stratching all nite

thanks everyone xx

BigCremeEggs Thu 22-Mar-07 18:57:57

wow.i havent been scratching at all since ive uses the sanex once!! its really works

rosie1364 Wed 26-Oct-16 21:48:03

I have very sensitive skin and i cant find a shower gel that makes me smell nice but also is good for my skin... any help? x

OnceMoreIntoTheBleach Wed 26-Oct-16 21:50:55

I just discovered hibiscrub which is medical grade. Seems good to me, and I have dry sensitive skin

Balletgirlmum Wed 26-Oct-16 21:53:35

Definately Sanex.

Hibiscrub is what the vet prescribed for the dog when he caught mange from foxes in the park!

rosie1364 Wed 26-Oct-16 21:54:32

thank you x

oleoleoleole Wed 26-Oct-16 21:55:24

Sanex 0% or Simple.

INeedNewShoes Wed 26-Oct-16 21:55:37

I've tried lots of the ones aimed at eczema in the past but have found both BodyShop mango shower gel and Earth Friendly Baby wash the best for my skin and the bonus is that they smell nice too.

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