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chezleigh Fri 19-May-17 11:00:14

Hi I'm looking for abit of advice and I'm sorry if this is long:
I returned back to work from maternity in April, I've hated it! I've been really struggling with PND and my baby for a while now as he doesn't sleep AT ALL so working while not having any sleep is hard. Before I left for mat leave I was a manager on 40hours. When I came back I was a stylist on 16 hours so I've put a claim in for working tax credits which is still processing. Well I rang into work yesterday to say I wouldn't be in today as my baby is ill and the new manager (who I got the job for!) has turned round and said well we were suppose to be starting an investigation on you today for something I done last week with another managers permission that was to do with her department, she has turned round and said she didn't give me permission! Surely the manager who told me over the phone this is happening is in the wrong for doing that!
I'm going to stand up for myself obviously but I know what this company is like and they will push you out the door if you do the slightest thing wrong.
The thought of going back to work makes me sick, I'm going to my gp next week to be asked to be signed off sick.
If I decide to leave the job while I'm in sick as I'm going into full time education in September so would be leaving anyway how would it affect my benefits. Would they put a stop to them? Or should I stay on the sick untill I start my studies. I don't want to string them along because while I'm on sick they can't employ some else, but I can't go back there and I can't look after my family with no money at all coming in. I really don't know what to do. Any advise would be appreciated

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