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What's the stupidest things use have done?

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Presleyx Tue 16-May-17 09:45:34

So anytime I can get decorating done is when the dc are in bed and last night I decided that I will renew the gloss work. So I stayed up glossing the kitchen and living room and thought I could do the other rooms tonight. Anyway we come downstairs this morning and can't get past the hallway I have glossed the front room door shut and where I've took the handle of the living room side the metal pole but has fell through shock... I'm sure I didn't shut the door on my way to bed last night lol! I then spent a very very long time trying to work out how to get in trying to use my tweezers grin to unscrew the screws of the handle on the hallway side so I can shove something through the hole to try and twist. (My toolbox is in the kitchen larder lol! In the end I found my nail file and used that it took a very long time while dc1 was telling me how hungry he is (you have to go through living room to get to kitchen) and we are late for school already lol! While dc2 keeps asking for cereal! Couldn't even go round the back as the gate is locked inside.... I can just tell it's one of them mornings already haha! Finally got dc1 to school had to go to reception as we are late and before I could say anything dc1 says we are late because mummy painted the door shut blush But it got me wondering what silly mistakes or stupid things use have done?

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