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ok a bit odd, but can anyone read late medieval english?

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SenoraPostrophe Mon 12-Mar-07 21:27:09

no, none in Linguistics either, but it turns out it lends itself very well to programming. they're funny things, degrees.

Mercy Mon 12-Mar-07 21:25:46

My mum would be able to help but I guess you've got your answer now.

Pruni, what's philology?

TheArmadillo Mon 12-Mar-07 21:25:30

thanks pruni - that makes sense.

Its part of the prologue of the Wycliffite Bible concerning the translation of the Bible from Latin to English. For seminar on Lollardy (history module looking at late medieval culture, especially literature).

Pruni Mon 12-Mar-07 21:24:27

Message withdrawn

SenoraPostrophe Mon 12-Mar-07 21:23:11

I would have guessed stones shall cry.

that sounds like a good degree, pruni. I'd have loved to have done some of that. maybe I'll do a course when I'm old.

Pruni Mon 12-Mar-07 21:22:12

Message withdrawn

Pruni Mon 12-Mar-07 21:21:40

Message withdrawn

JackieNo Mon 12-Mar-07 21:21:02

'stoonis' possibly stone statues?

JackieNo Mon 12-Mar-07 21:19:44

Could it be 'stones'? 'stones shall cry'? Are they praying to the stones, or something (don't really know any medieval english, just guessing...)

TheArmadillo Mon 12-Mar-07 21:12:31

Am reading through document. Can read most of it but cannot understand what 'stoonis' is or 'schulen'

talking about heathen men worshipping 'stoonis' as a god? adn the phrase 'stoonis schulen crie'?

COuld schulen be children?

Anyone know?

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