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ok a bit odd, but can anyone read late medieval english?

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TheArmadillo Mon 12-Mar-07 21:12:31

Am reading through document. Can read most of it but cannot understand what 'stoonis' is or 'schulen'

talking about heathen men worshipping 'stoonis' as a god? adn the phrase 'stoonis schulen crie'?

COuld schulen be children?

Anyone know?

KathyMCMLXXII Tue 13-Mar-07 15:47:54

Classicist here but loved doing Chaucer at A level.

Did any of you Anglo-Saxonists do the Battle of Maldon? I used to live in Maldon.

Pruni Tue 13-Mar-07 15:33:20

Message withdrawn

Enid Tue 13-Mar-07 11:04:56

I specialised in Medieval English in my degree

LOVED the Faerie Queen and Sir Gawain

DrDaddy Tue 13-Mar-07 11:04:23

Medieval Latin manuscripts should have said

DrDaddy Tue 13-Mar-07 11:03:46

What a fantastic thread! I was a medievalist once, but a historian (PhD in Medieval History and Philosophy), but always loved listening to OE ME and Anglo Saxon being read....while I toiled away transcribing 13th century manuscripts. Those were the days!

kiskidee Tue 13-Mar-07 10:57:05

oh, god, no!

my professor of English who tortured me with the Faerie Queen also did his thesis on it which i think made him drone on ad vomitum with it.

Pruni Tue 13-Mar-07 09:31:10

Message withdrawn

kiskidee Mon 12-Mar-07 22:13:57

wow Pruni! you are my kind of geek.

Mercy Mon 12-Mar-07 22:12:09

ok, thanks

( but now can't get that bloody song out of my head)

Swizzler Mon 12-Mar-07 22:09:54

I remember having to draw in all the thorns and eths and all the rest of them in my essays - v tedious

kiskidee Mon 12-Mar-07 22:09:54

I second your opinion on the Faerie Queen, RosaL. It was the most stultifying thing i had to sit through.

I loved The Wanderer.

RosaLuxembourg Mon 12-Mar-07 22:09:35

Actually I think the title of my degree was Medieval and Renaissance English, Swizzler because we also got to do Shakespeare, Revenge tragedy and fun stuff like that which made up for any amount of Spenser and Peirs Plowman. Also there is only so much a girl can take of those sodding mystery plays if you ask me.

Swizzler Mon 12-Mar-07 22:09:02

UNI that is...

Swizzler Mon 12-Mar-07 22:08:23

Well, anyone at usi with me will never forget the lecture on i-mutation as a way of scrounging money from elderly aunts

Iota Mon 12-Mar-07 22:07:48

it's a thorn Mercy - a th sound

Swizzler Mon 12-Mar-07 22:07:00

Thorn - 'th' as is 'the'.

MrsPhilipGlenister Mon 12-Mar-07 22:06:46

LOL at the idea of a medieval keyboard!

Waswondering Mon 12-Mar-07 22:06:32

(Involuntary shiver at the "Great Vowel Shift")

Swizzler Mon 12-Mar-07 22:05:45

Never had to do Spencer thank God . I felt so cheated cos I'd specialised in medieval English partly cos the texts were nice and short - then they sprung PP on me

Mercy Mon 12-Mar-07 22:04:59

Iota, what's that letter that looks like a 'p' ?

Iota Mon 12-Mar-07 22:04:25

Of course not Mrs PG - I don't have a Medieval keyboard.

I can remember the tune though

Swizzler Mon 12-Mar-07 22:04:20

Westron wind when wilt thou blow
The small rain down both rayne
Crist if me love were in min armys
And I in me bed ayayne

RosaLuxembourg Mon 12-Mar-07 22:04:15

Piers Plowman was deathly, Swizzler but for me the worst abomination of all was Spenser's blasted Faerie Queen. And it wasn't even as if the language was that difficult compared to Beowulf for instance, it was just such ghastly rotten stuff. Still shudder when I catch sight of my copy lurking in the top corner of my deepest darkest bookcase.

MrsPhilipGlenister Mon 12-Mar-07 22:02:10

I betcha didn't do that from memory, Iota!

Pearl, yes, I'd forgotten all about Pearl! One of my RL friends has a dd called Pearl - which really suits her as she is half-Irish and half-Malaysian, and is very pearly indeed!

Swizzler Mon 12-Mar-07 22:02:07

Or what about
An hendy hap ichave y-hent
Ichot from hevene it is me sent
From alle women me love is lent
And light on Allysoun

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