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Family friendly TV programme recommendations anyone?

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PostladyPatsCat Mon 03-Apr-17 19:21:32

Purely by accident, my kids stumbled across the recent CBBC adaptation of The Worst Witch. It's was just a 13 part series and finished last week. Whilst it was hardly BAFTA material, it was pleasantly refreshing to find a British kids TV programme that a 7 year old boy and a 10 year old girl both happily watched and enjoyes. I often sat with them and it became a little family ritual for the three of us to curl up on the sofa and watch together, something I'd never do with the mind numbing American programmes they often favour. hmm

Soooo, now that its finished the kids have expressed that they'll really miss it and I must admit, I think I'll miss that little nugget of 'us time' too.

Does anyone have any suggestions of a programme for us to try? Preferably not American as whilst they certainly have their place, I do get a bit sick of them! The Worst Witch was 25mins an episode. Something similar would be great.

I don't have Sky, but I do have Netflix, Amazon Prime TV and the BT kids package.

Thanks in anticipation. flowers

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