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UWE University Help - Kids Needed!

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KeejayOV2 Mon 27-Mar-17 19:53:46

Hi there. I realise that this is a sacred place, but I couldn't think of many better to go, so with your (hopeful) blessing I'd like to put in this request.

Bristol was recently named the best city to live in in the whole of the UK and me and my journalism colleagues want to make that the focus of our final project.

Me and my colleagues are university students from UWE Bristol who are currently producing a news package that would center around this topic, except aimed at children from the ages of 8-13.

We need children who would be willing to talk about why they love Bristol (if they do) and their favorite places to live (if not!) on camera for that third year university project, which will be just for UWE eyes only (although if you like, you can always have a copy!).

If there are willing children and parents, we’d be very grateful and ask for you to contact me either via this email, or on phone via 07852177721.

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