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Does anyone's 7.5 month old struggle to swallow?

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IJustWantABrew Tue 21-Mar-17 16:17:37

I'm seriously struggling to feed my 7.5 month old. We initially tried purée and he would turn his head away and refuse the spoon. If you managed to get him to eat any he would spit it out. We then tried blw when he was about 6.5 months and we haven't had any real success with it. He seems to have a very good pincer grip and will happily put food in his mouth, but again he won't swallow it. He just lets the food stay in his mouth. If he does swallow it he will gag, go bright red and then vomit everywhere. The hv is at a bit of a loss as to what to suggest. I'm due to see the peadatrician in a few weeks about his milk allergy but wondered if anyone has had a similar issue.
He won't drink if he's sat up, that goes for both milk and water, which he will happily drink lying down.

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