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If mumsnetters were all Enid Blyton characters....

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welliemum Tue 06-Mar-07 01:55:15

.... what would we post about?

Chat: My children have just been kidnapped again by international jewellery thieves. I do hope they are rescued in time for tea.

Behaviour/development: My daughter is athletic, assertive and extremely capable at everything she sets her hand to. I am so worried about her. How can I get her to wear a dress and simper like her darling cousin Anne?

Style: I have a super hat. It's blue with a bell on top. I'm thinking of teaming this with a red jumper and a yellow scarf, any thoughts?

mamama Tue 06-Mar-07 02:04:00


Califrau Tue 06-Mar-07 02:10:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mamama Tue 06-Mar-07 02:11:30


Califrau Tue 06-Mar-07 02:11:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Ivor Tue 06-Mar-07 02:14:02

Don't forget the lashings of ginger ale

Califrau Tue 06-Mar-07 02:14:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AitchTwoOh Tue 06-Mar-07 02:31:58

Is Fanny a suitable name for a young lady?

Califrau Tue 06-Mar-07 02:35:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

welliemum Tue 06-Mar-07 02:35:44

Fanny is a lovely name. You could shorten it to "Fanjo" as well.

mamama Tue 06-Mar-07 02:41:20

Parenting: What do you think of the name Dick?

AitchTwoOh Tue 06-Mar-07 02:50:36

Multiples: Am expecting twins. i want to call them Dick and Fanny but DH says no.

Steppy1 Tue 06-Mar-07 05:36:01

PMSL at this little lot...pelvic floor nearly gave way

FillyjonkDOEStellherkidsoff Tue 06-Mar-07 06:27:37


welliemum Tue 06-Mar-07 07:19:10

I overheard a mother saying "drat" to her toddler in the supermarket - should I have intervened?

Blandmum Tue 06-Mar-07 07:35:23

Chat Do you think Quentin in a poncetastic name?

In the news Group of children foils espionage ring again

AIBU To let my young children to go on hoilday in horse drawn caravans with no adult supervisation?

Twiglett Tue 06-Mar-07 07:38:19

That Enid Blyton .. gawd she's sixist .. I can't believe this thread even exists , I am ashamed to be a Mumsnetter ... her with her famous fives and super sevens .. sixes have feelings too you know and it would behove you all to remember that

(what like that? )

Blandmum Tue 06-Mar-07 07:39:47

secret sevens!


Twiglett Tue 06-Mar-07 07:41:24

<admission: I have never ever read Enid Blyton in my whole gosh-darned life>

WideWebWitch Tue 06-Mar-07 07:56:43

I am sick of making home made lemonade and providing sodding ginger biscuits.

WideWebWitch Tue 06-Mar-07 07:57:23

Help! My children are stuck up little prigs! What can I do?

redshoes Tue 06-Mar-07 08:50:39


redshoes Tue 06-Mar-07 08:51:34

Anyone seen any promo codes for Lacrosse sticks?

ghosty Tue 06-Mar-07 08:53:35

Health: My Fanny is feeling all queer. Should I take her to the Doctor?

FluffyMummy123 Tue 06-Mar-07 08:55:31

Message withdrawn

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