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Car boot sale tactics - help!

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MrsMcJnr Mon 05-Mar-07 15:12:50

Hello. Never had one before but we are having a go on Sat. What's the best thing to do? price everything first? top tips please!

filthymindedvixen Mon 05-Mar-07 17:11:12

well, I'm not an expert but having done a couple;
1) expect to be descended on by the dealers before you've even got the stuff out of the boot - might be an idea to have a vague price in mind for, say, a whole box of books for these guys (it can be scary!)

b) be very flexible if you don't want to end up taking it all home with you. A thing is only worth what someone is prepared to pay for it! If you really think it's worth a shed-load of cash, put it on ebay....

c) IME, baby clothes, equipemtn, kids toys etc go very well, especially if they are clean and well presented. Ditto clothes, they go best if you can possibly lay your hands on a hanging rail.

d) British people seem scared to haggle so the danger of pricing everything is people may just think 'oh, too much' and walk on. With no prices, you have more of a chance to engage with people and therefore sell!

e) It's really helpful if you have some newspaper for wrappijg delicates and some carrier bags.

Hope you make a nice amount

DeviousDaffodil Mon 05-Mar-07 17:13:41

Use a pasting table. Price everything before hand.MAke sure everything can be seen. If not sold after an hour look to reduce your prices. Take carrier bags to put stuff in for buyers!
And pray for sunshine - believe me there are few things they won't buy!

sixlostmonkeys Mon 05-Mar-07 17:35:38

I always prefer to see items priced when i go to car boot sales, but according to the peeps on the car boot telly progs you shouldn't price your things. prob the best thing to do is, as said, not price but if you see someone looking engage in convo with them - then prob meet half way with the price iyswim.

keep breakables well away when you pull up - they do dive in your car!

Good luck. have fun

charliecat Mon 05-Mar-07 17:37:56

I price things and sell more than my mum who refuses to price.
So id say take some stickers with you and price as you go along..I do big stuff before I go them random 50p £1s..

MrsMcJnr Mon 05-Mar-07 21:06:55

Thanks Ladies, these tips are great. We were planning to get there really early so we'll have time to "set up" before it officially opens.

mumfor1standfinaltime Mon 05-Mar-07 21:12:53

Don't get your 'good' stuff out of the boot first, leave that well hidden from traders.
Put the stuff you really need to clear for cheap money at the top and get this out first.

When you first arrive park the car and sit and have a coffee in the car (take a flask and some sarnies so you don't spend your profits!)this will bug traders! Then get out and have a walk around the carboot before setting up! (this is what I do every time, it is fun watching trader's faces whilst you sip your coffee!)

Skribble Mon 05-Mar-07 21:31:58

When you pack up at home put the table in last, so it is first out.

Work as a pair when unloading, one unpacks and one arranges and sells to the dealers/ chancers that will hover and pounce first thing. Don't end up with both of you head first in the boot while half you stuff takes a walk off the table.

Have some sheets of plastic, clear is ideal or at the very least binbags to hand to cover stuff if it is showery.

Pasting tables are OK but do tend to give way under piles of books and ornaments, plastic patio tables are a bit sturdier.

Have a float ready and keep cash in a bum bag or pocket not in an ice cream tub on the table. You won't need coppers unless you plan to sell stuff for 99p. Stick to piles of silver and a few pounds and fivers, people will arrive straight fromthe cash machine and be looking for change of £10 and £20.

Definatly discuss prices and make a list of important things if not pricing individuly, you don't want to come back from the loo to discover DH has sold your best vase for 10p to a kid.

I found a parasol was very handy, you have to have it higher than normal so it is above poking eye level, I filled the base and set it behind the table, so it kept me and the stuff in the middle of the table dry.

If you are going to be on grass or wet ground again binbags are handy to put boxes on top of full of cheap stuff like soft toys, boxes get soggy quickly and fall apart.

Chairs are better than perching on an open boot for hours, a higher stool is even better as you can see what is going on.

MrsMcJnr Tue 13-Mar-07 20:22:56

Thanks for all your tips. We made £100 and had some fun so it was worthwhile!

CostaRicanCod Sat 13-Sep-08 18:41:52


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