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Any du Maurier fans read Rebecca's Tale?

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Fionn Sun 09-Jun-02 22:19:14

I've heard of this book by Sally Beauman, a sort of sequel/companion to the fantastic 'Rebecca'. Anyone read it? Is it a worthy follow-up? Tempted to buy it but worried I'll be diappointed.

Enid Mon 10-Jun-02 18:40:35

Certainly not a patch on Rebecca, and has a very dull beginning, but quite fascinating to get more 'insight' into Rebecca de Winter as a person. Good light holiday read I'd say.

serena Mon 10-Jun-02 19:46:00

The ending is not well thought out, but it is dramatic. The rest of it makes a good attempt at the original books tone.

chinchilla Mon 10-Jun-02 20:33:15

I took a while to get into it, but once I had, I loved it.

I did find though that it showed Rebecca in a more sympathetic light than Max de Winter did in 'Rebecca' to 'the girl'. I couldn't quite tie the two Rebeccas in to one person.

Having said that, It did tie in well with 'Rebecca', and even the sequel 'Mrs De Winter' by Susan Hill, without leaving any bits where you would say 'Hang on a minute, that can't be right', and it did explain Mrs Danvers quite well.

Hope you enjoy it.

honeybunny Tue 11-Jun-02 15:06:12

Reading it at the moment. Certainly keeps me occupied during a long bf!! But no, not a patch on the original Rebecca.

Fionn Wed 12-Jun-02 23:20:55

Thanks for the replies, sounds like it's worth giving it a go. Have decided not to renew subscription to Marie Claire in an attempt to read novels again!

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