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Am I being judgemental?

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Lauraw1989 Mon 27-Feb-17 00:10:11

I went away the weekend with DP and his parents to the Cotswolds to celebrate his mum's birthday.

We all went out to the pub at 5pm (I'm 11 wks PG so I wasn't drinking). We got back to the apartment we were staying at around 12am. I went straight to bed as I was shattered.

I woke up to go to the toilet at 3am and I could here my DP and his mum still drinking and chatting!

The next day she didn't wake up until 1pm and didn't go out until the evening to drink yet more alcohol. My DP was hungover but still got up with me at 9am and did things I wanted to do during the day.

I don't see the point of going away to stay up getting drunk and sleeping it off the next day. In my opinion you might as well have just stayed at home.

This isn't a first either, she does this on a lot of occasions at home and away. I have never been a big drinker or one for staying up to ridiculous o' clock so this has always been a major annoyance for me.

Now I'm worried if she is still going to carry on doing this when we go away with her or go around the house once my baby is born.

My question is ... am I being judgmental?

I agree it's daft and I don't drink.

However, it was her birthday weekend so surely she gets to celebrate it however she wants and enjoyed herself, with her family?

If she 'carries on' you can always not go away with her again or stay in separate rooms/places, so your child isn't subjected to booze mad granny.

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