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Has anyone had a CPZ in their street and the parking didn't get any easier?

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reup Thu 23-Feb-17 22:18:48

They are consulting in our street for a cpz. I voted against it a few years ago because parking was ok in the day but worse in the eve and I figured if it was a 10-11 & 3-4 zone it wouldn't make much difference. Obviously lots of terraced house owners have more than one car and then some houses are flats etc so it will always be bad.

But now it's got worse in the day too so I might change my vote.

How has cpz changed your ability to park in your street.

catchyjem Sat 15-Apr-17 08:40:02

We've just had one put in and the difference was instant. It doesn't come into force for another week but just the lines and signs going up have got rid of loads of cars. It's only operational 2 hrs a day too. I really didn't expect such a huge change.

CycleHire Sat 15-Apr-17 08:43:10

We've always had a CPZ in our street. It's only an hour a day to stop people parking for the station. I think it helps. Also the cost for a residents parking permit is low for the first car but gets progressively higher for additional cars so (I hope) that discourages multiple car households. We can buy books of visitor permits from the library.

EatSpamAmandaLamb Sat 15-Apr-17 08:45:42

We have one and it has made a heck of a difference. We live close to a train station and a couple of major employers and people were dumping their cars here from 8am until the mid evening. Our estate agent said it has raised our house price as this area was known in the wider community as a terrible place for residents parking.

RedBugMug Sat 15-Apr-17 08:45:49

we have it and it's great (near a station).
in our case the application was made by the neighbourhood association, so no vote by individual obstructive arseholes residents.

LillyLollyLandy Sat 15-Apr-17 10:18:41

I'm in a CPZ and parking is still a nightmare. Our zone is too wide so practically anyone can park here.

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