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Which MP3 player and idiot's guide to them please

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Melly Wed 28-Feb-07 18:11:36

Ok, I know I'm a complete muppet.....I fancy getting an MP3 player but have to be honest I don't really know exactly what they are and how you download the music etc. Can anyone recommend a reasonably cheap model that it is easy to use, i.e not one with all the whistles and bells if you know what I mean. And.....what is the difference between an MP3 player and an you can tell I am not up with modern gadgets at all

tenbygirl Wed 28-Feb-07 18:50:13

An iPod is a brand of mp3 player. If you download misic from iTunes it is easier to transfer them onto an iPod as apple make it difficult to put it onto a non apple mp3 player. But it can be done, hubby does it for me though.

The actual downloading of the music from iTunes is very easy. Just search for a song you want and "buy".

I've got a ATMT MP140 from Amazon that cost me £17 and am very pleased with it. User friendly and will have space for about 150 tracks.

Melly Wed 28-Feb-07 19:59:17

Thanks Tenbygirl. Anyone else got any recommendations?

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