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Your worst moment on mumsnet?

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decafskinnylatte Wed 28-Feb-07 15:02:55

OK - this is meant to be lighthearted & not meant to stir up any old battles. Just noticed a few posts recently from newbies suggesting that they haven't found mn particularly easy to break into at first and, being newish myself, just wondered if any of you old timers would put us newer members at ease by sharing any memorable snubbings, false troll accusations, clangers you've made, threads that really DIDN't work out the way you meant them to, etc...

Ideally you'd be able to laugh at them now rather than still being bitter

mummytosteven Sat 03-Mar-07 21:14:07

and my worst moments - apart from some of the sadder rl stuff, my very first bfing thread, where I managed to make a royal arse of myself.

mummytosteven Sat 03-Mar-07 21:13:27

amyjade - I remember your thread, and remember being impressed by both yours and jimjams posts - as you both so eloquently put your good reasons (personal and general) for your differing perspectives on vax issues.

DonnyLass Sat 03-Mar-07 19:23:22

oh about smoking ... frankly i was more than a little up my own derriere for a saturday night!!!!!!!!!!!!

VeniVidiVickiQV Fri 02-Mar-07 20:53:06

Have you/we donnylass? About what?

Blu, i do remember 'that' thread. I think the spin off thread helped clear a few things up, and, I am glad you came back after your 'mini flounce'

Blu Fri 02-Mar-07 13:41:08


Blu Fri 02-Mar-07 13:40:37

A discussion that was very painful for a lot of people in the aftermath of Moondog's 'peddling junk' thread...don't want to reserrect it, but regret my part in stoking it.

Smaller outbreaks - being under the misapprehension that Fauve was a Dad, upsetting NearlyThree with some glib thinking about access to shoebox schemes, making an out of order discriminatory comment about Ruth Kelly...loads!

yeahinaminute Fri 02-Mar-07 13:20:01

Getting an ASBO e-mail from MN towers and having the thread pulled and it wasn't my fault !!!

<<<<<<<<< retreating in to my hoodie before sauntering off to drink Diamond White and terrorise a shopping precinct>>>>>>>>>

DonnyLass Fri 02-Mar-07 13:03:21

Oh God.

I joined in July 2006 ... and without even realising it or meaning to I have insulted/had massive disagreements with

one of the daves???

which have seen me actually too nervous to post and emailing desperately to apologise ... and then getting into a 'sorry' debacle that just bugged everyone more and actually made me fear I would be pelted with eggs in the street.

1) committed inadvertent name-change crime just cos I was bored of mine then it was perceived that I did it so i could spite-and-run

2) been deleted by MNHQ for a SHMKBN off comment I made to be funny without realising it could be dangerous.

Think the mistake I made was to forget that when you type in haste and have no way of showing facial expression ... you can be totally misinterpreted.

Cod said she quite liked my beatchy comment tho so that kind of made me feel liked again!

And on the Little Bean ongoing thread and some others my thoughts have been welcomed I have had loads of good advice ...

so that (almost) eclipses my scary bits.

amyjade Fri 02-Mar-07 09:38:18

Thanks jimjams.x

choosyfloosy Fri 02-Mar-07 00:12:27

there was a post i made loooong ago that revealed a very, very deeply buried prejudice about, of all things, single parents. it didn't occur to me until about 2 hours later. i have never dared to return to the thread to find out if i was flamed for it or not.

funnily enough all my bad moments are about crusty old prejudices of mine. i have got a bit more cautious about posting, usually.

Jimjams2 Thu 01-Mar-07 23:48:03

amyjade- I remember your first thread really well, because I remember it resonating quite deeply for want of a better word. You know from toehr threrads that I haven't vaccinated ds2 and ds3 - but with complete comprehension/fear of the risks that that takes (someone in ds1's class had the same form of meningitis as your dd, so I've seen how devastating it can be in flesh and blood if you like). I've just looked back at your first thread, and it was really bizarre. It would be such a strange way for a drugs company to operate in the first place. Why would they behave like that?? I don't think that the main doubter posts anymore though, if they do, it's under a different name.

Anwyay- just wanted to say that although the reception to that first post must have been hard I think you have touched lots of people and I thought of you when prevenar was introduced. Actually I think about your dd a lot.

NurseyJo Thu 01-Mar-07 23:13:43

Message withdrawn

HappyDaddy Thu 01-Mar-07 22:52:51

All of mine.

hunkermunker Thu 01-Mar-07 22:34:21

I thought I'd create a new low

ipanemagirl Thu 01-Mar-07 22:33:29

I had a huge row with someone last year under another name and it was so unpleasant I've blocked out what it was about. Oh yeah it was about bullying on mumsnet! I don't even remember who I p**d off but they were really angry and I just stopped using mumsnet for ages.

TheArmadillo Thu 01-Mar-07 22:19:26

the first thread I ever started (under a different name) and I didn't realise it was unusual (cos it was usual in our family) and got jumped on and asked if I was making it all up.

Put me off for ages. As you can see I obviously never came back

There was another one that really hurt, but it wouldn't be fair to bring it up so I won't.

ruty Thu 01-Mar-07 21:58:02

[sorry Amyjade to dive in after your sad story]

ruty Thu 01-Mar-07 21:57:33

Aw Aloha, only just seen this! Our rucks keep me on my toes though! Love you really.

twoisenoughmum Thu 01-Mar-07 21:06:12

Amyjade - that is just the worst thing I have heard about this site. I am not surprised you are cross. FFS!

Mercy Thu 01-Mar-07 20:04:06

Amyjade, I didn't see that thread

I very recently upset a pg Mumsnetter. I thought it was a light hearted thread but quite rightly the person who started the thread I was mocking wasn't too pleased. Sorry.

I hate upsetting pregnant women. When I first started posting I though I had upset Hunker too (but Moondog reassured me she was made of sterner stuff!)

Flamesparrow Thu 01-Mar-07 20:00:44


amyjade Thu 01-Mar-07 19:54:18

My first post on here was in the Health section explaining the terrible loss of my 19 month old Dd to Pneumococcal meningitis and how the new Prevenar jab would have saved her life.
Two certain individuals thought my story was a sales pitch from a drug company!!
I was really upset by this luckily one of them apologised but i still can't forget it.

I'v just read it back and it still makes me cross!!

nightowl Thu 01-Mar-07 18:50:46

my first ever post (under a different name and long ago deleted). when i was accused of getting pg on purpose to trap my bf (who had buggered off and left me). still cant bring myself to speak to that poster now. (but remember one lovely mner in particular who stuck up for me).

and my first bollocking from someone who can be a tad frightening at times but who i actually like very much (espesh her no-nonsense attitude. she says the things i always want to say, but she does it louder, and with better words ) a misunderstanding, but i was gutted at the time!

Pruni Thu 01-Mar-07 18:33:53

Message withdrawn

FrannyandZooey Thu 01-Mar-07 18:20:46

Pruni the Juliet thread is one of my all time favourites and I still LOL thinking about it. It did nearly cripple me with horror at the moment I read your post (you should be flattered, I was mortified to have offended you!) but that was what made it so wondrously appalling

However you are right, it was in no way my worst moment on MN. I can instantly pinpoint my 2 actual worst moments, but there is no way I am going to dredge them up or even admit how much they upset me

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