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OMG I have just flashed my arse at about a dozen postmen!!!

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yorkshirelass79 Wed 28-Feb-07 12:56:24

Message withdrawn

whiffywarthog Wed 28-Feb-07 12:57:10


IntergalacticWalrus Wed 28-Feb-07 12:57:17

pmsl YL!

yorkshirelass79 Wed 28-Feb-07 13:06:49

Message withdrawn

mateychops Wed 28-Feb-07 13:07:42

As my old Gran would say, 'As long as they're clean, they're fit to be seen'

chocolatebirdy Wed 28-Feb-07 13:08:07


SoupDragon Wed 28-Feb-07 13:08:39

Thank goodness you weren't going commando like Helen Mirren....

FoghornLeghorn Wed 28-Feb-07 13:11:13

2nd Soupy !


FoghornLeghorn Wed 28-Feb-07 13:11:33

I'll remember to pack trousers for my trip !

yorkshirelass79 Wed 28-Feb-07 13:12:02

Message withdrawn

yorkshirelass79 Wed 28-Feb-07 13:12:29

Message withdrawn

bandstand Wed 28-Feb-07 13:12:51

i excpet you made their day?

SoupDragon Wed 28-Feb-07 13:19:32

Yes, commando at the Oscars apparently.

yorkshirelass79 Wed 28-Feb-07 13:28:18

Message withdrawn

MamaGee Wed 28-Feb-07 13:29:06

oh my GOD I saw someone do this today!!!! Where are you?

yorkshirelass79 Wed 28-Feb-07 13:32:57

Message withdrawn

MamaGee Wed 28-Feb-07 13:36:11

oh good, I saw it in Kendal

ohsmellyjelly Wed 28-Feb-07 13:36:38

Message withdrawn

yorkshirelass79 Wed 28-Feb-07 13:43:36

Message withdrawn

ohsmellyjelly Wed 28-Feb-07 13:44:40

Message withdrawn

BettySpaghetti Wed 28-Feb-07 13:50:43

I wouldn't worry about it -I bet postmen get to see all sorts in their line of work

Our postman, for exampe, has caught me sneaking out of our neighbours house in my dressing gown one morning -nothing untowards though as I'd just been to feed their cat as they were away and couldn't be ar$ed getting dressed first.

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