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Help me find a gift for a dear colleague who has just announced she is starting a Brest cancer chemo journey tomorrow

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Weebleswobbles Wed 08-Feb-17 12:57:17

I want to get something thoughtful and useful

I thought a full body pillow\Neal yard wild rose balm?

Her last day in the office tomorrow so all your ideas welcome

Weebleswobbles Wed 08-Feb-17 13:00:24

Breast Cancer

RaveclawZia13 Wed 08-Feb-17 13:12:12

Hi my partner is having chemo and he stays in hospital for 6 days at a time. He enjoys taking a portable DVD player as the tv is really expensive. He also takes books, tablet and MP3 in.

Chemo can cause sensitive skin so I'd stay away from anything perfumed/strong until you know if her skin will change. Slippers/dressing gown could be a good gift it just depends on if she will be spending overnights in hospital or have treatment as an outpatient. V pillows are good and comfy.

weebarra Wed 08-Feb-17 13:20:43

Nothing perfumed as strong scents can make the nausea worse! Hand cream is good as chemo is rough on your hands and nails. My work clubbed together and got my an Amazon voucher so I could put things on my kindle for chemo.

TellMeItsNotTrue Wed 08-Feb-17 13:25:00

Hand cream
lip balm
Voucher for Amazon if you know she has a kindle
Lots of magazines
New pj's (short sleeved) if she is staying in hospital

RaveclawZia13 Wed 08-Feb-17 13:28:11

Another thing my partner likes is cartons of orange juice and apple juice. Chemo can leave a bad taste in the mouth so he takes the little cartons with straws and sweets.

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