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Crying Constantly

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stressedoutmum1987 Tue 07-Feb-17 17:58:20

Help please even if its someone to say i'm going through the same to keep me same.

My baby for the past two weeks crys all the time, as soon as i put him down or move or go out the room or even stand up he crys. I have tried ignoring him only knowing he is clean, feed and watered but he sits for ages crying hysterically until i pick him up. He is teething and his two bottom teeth have just popped through yesterday but its sill going on and on and on. I feel at the end of my teether and need to put him in his room sometimes as my head is bursting with it all day every day. I hate asking for help and when i do it last for a day and im told i need to ask for what i need. Why do i need to ask!! I am struggling some days to be happy and feel relaxed and i get so angry and i dont want to put my anger towards my baby.

Please help and give me some advice

A stressed out mum sitting in tears and feeling hopeless :-(

TheFirie Wed 08-Feb-17 05:40:22

Babies like to be kept in the mum's arm. The baby needs are not limited to being feed, clean and hydrated. Babies need cuddles, especially when they are in pain.
It will pass, but ignoring his needs won't make you or him happy. Try to use a baby bjorn or wrap him around your chest.

We have all been there, you don't say how many months he is but if he has already teeth, it could be 8-9 months which corresponds to the peak of anxiety separation.
Do not hesitate to ask. I know, we would love for the help to be offered without us asking for it, but this is just a mental game. Just say, would you mind staying with xx a couple of hours, he is very clinch right now and sometimes I find it hard. All mothers have been there and we fully understand.

Your baby is not crying to annoy you. He has a real need.

stressedoutmum1987 Wed 08-Feb-17 07:47:04

Hi there

He's 8 months nearly 9. I really don't mean that I don't cuddle him I feel that's all I do all day but as soon as I put him down to go make a cuppa to go to the toilet even if I take him now the kitchen and put him in the highchair with me in the room he starts.

It's hard as he is only like this when my partner is a work which is from 7am sometimes till 6 or even later if he working late. So it's all day when I am myself I have no one else through the day to give me a break.

I love him to bits but I am struggling some days on my own with how clingy he is.

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