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Dream journal and lucid dreams

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ghostwatch Fri 03-Feb-17 01:49:50

I have kept a dream journal since 1997. I used to have one of those dictionary's that you can look up the meaning of your dream in. Did anyone else do this ?
I have very lucid dreams and Waking hallucinations, (coming out of dream state), which I also record occasionally, but rarely meet anyone that has the same experiences. I invite people to share their own dreams in this thread as I find it all really interesting and I'm thinking of starting a podcast on this subject.
I'm not at home I'm on a night shift right now but I will record my next dream on this thread and see if I can interpret it. I may also write up my first ever dream entry from 1997.

SallyVating Fri 03-Feb-17 04:32:28

I'm interested in this. Will share what I remember. My dreams tend to be a bit gruesome though

motheroreily Fri 03-Feb-17 04:56:39

I'm interested too. I have lucid dreams but I always get too excited and wake myself up

ghostwatch Fri 03-Feb-17 06:04:30

That's ok Sally i like the nightmares too and they often are more significant when interpreting things.

ghostwatch Fri 03-Feb-17 06:09:50

Thanks mother can relate.** I usually begin to fly as soon as I realise I am dreaming and aware. Often things will go bad as I have a habit of thinking things which then start to happen, such as "I better not start to lose my ability to fly" then I begin crashing down to earth. Or "I hope I am not chased by a lion" - lion appears. This normally then prompts me awake.

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